THE SIEGE PART II Stargate: Atlantis 120

Transcript by Melyanna


RACHEL LUTTRELL: Previously on Stargate: Atlantis.

Wraith ships fly through space toward Atlantis.

INT. Atlantis.

McKAY: The hive ships will be in range of the satellite in forty-nine hours.

WEIR: That satellite is the only thing standing between the Wraith and Atlantis.

SHEPPARD: And you think it's powerful enough to take out a Wraith hive ship.

McKAY: According to the Ancient database, it should be able to take out all three when fully charged.

EXT. Space. There is a large hole in the satellite plating, under which some components are clearly damaged.

McKAY: This is bad, very bad. I'm not sure I can fix this.

INT. Atlantis. A model of the city on a screen. Some large explosions are simulated.

ZELENKA: The Wraith are not interested in destroying Atlantis. They're coming here to get to Earth.

WEIR: Which means stealing the city, which is why we have a self-destruct in place.


INT. Puddle jumper.

McKAY: We're having trouble docking with the satellite. See what you can do from your side.

GRODIN: [over radio] There isn't time for that.

INT. Weapons satellite.

GRODIN: [cont.] Look, get to a safe distance, and then come get me once the satellite has taken care of the Wraith ships.

EXT. Space. Wraith ships drop out of hyperspace. The weapons satellite fires and successfully destroys a hive ship.

INT. Puddle jumper.

McKAY: We have a kill!

INT. Atlantis control room. Cheering.

INT. Weapons satellite.

GRODIN: There's no time, just get the hell out of here!

EXT. Space. Wraith ships destroy the satellite.

McKAY: Atlantis, this is McKay. We have lost the satellite.

INT. Atlantis control room.

WEIR: Did you manage to take out any more ships?

McKAY: [over radio] Negative. Two other hive ships are intact.

INT. Puddle jumper.

WEIR: [over radio] You can't do any more out there, Rodney. Return to Atlantis.

INT. Atlantis control room. The Wraith ships' route is displayed on a screen.

McKAY descends the stairs from the jumper bay. WEIR and SHEPPARD enter at the same time.

WEIR: Welcome back, Rodney.

McKAY: Where are we?

WEIR: Our scanners show the hive ships have started moving again, although their pace has slowed considerably.

SHEPPARD: Obviously you gave them something to think about.

WEIR: If they get here in two hours or two days, doesn't change the fact that we're out of options. We can't hope to fight them. So unless either of you have any more ideas. . .

FORD enters.

FORD: The last group is assembled and ready for evac.

WEIR: [nodding] All right then. Let's get this done.

SHEPPARD and WEIR approach laptops.

WEIR: Ready?

They enter the codes required to set the self-destruct mechanism. They have ten minutes. The alarm, as heard in HOT ZONE, sounds.

WEIR: Self-destruct is armed. Prepare to load the virus into the Ancient mainframe. Rodney, dial the alpha site.

McKAY: Dialing.

He begins to dial, but before he completes the address, the gate activates.

McKAY: We've got an incoming wormhole.

He checks a computer. The wormhole establishes.

McKAY: Receiving IDC.

SHEPPARD: Who is it?

McKAY: [in disbelief] Stargate Command.

WEIR: Are you sure?

McKAY: Positive!

WEIR: Lower the shield.

McKAY lowers the shield, and they run to the gate room.

INT. Gate room. Marines are stepping through the gate, along with large crates. FORD salutes the man who approaches.

EVERETT: Doctor Weir.

WEIR: Yes.

EVERETT: Colonel Dillon Everett, United States Marine Corps.

WEIR: You should know that we-

EVERETT: General O'Neill sends his compliments on a job well done under extraordinary circumstances. [He salutes.] You are relieved.

SHEPPARD: Sir, we're about to evacuate.

EVERETT: Without a fight.

SHEPPARD hesitates.

SHEPPARD: Yes, sir.

WEIR: On my order.

EVERETT: That evacuation order is rescinded. I assume you've armed the self-destruct device?

SHEPPARD: Yes, we have, but as Doctor Weir was trying to tell you-

EVERETT: I am going to need you to disarm it immediately.

WEIR: Hold on a second, Colonel. I don't think you fully grasp our situation here.

EVERETT: You have three Wraith hive ships bearing down on your position and precious little to defend yourselves with. That about sum it up?

McKAY: You got our message.

EVERETT: We got your message.

WEIR: It's down to two hive ships. We managed to destroy one.

EVERETT: [very condescending] Good for you! That should make my job a little easier.

SHEPPARD: What exactly is your job, sir?

EVERETT: I should think that would be obvious to you by now, Major. We are going to defend Atlantis at all costs.


INT. Gate room.

WEIR: Colonel.

EVERETT: [hands her a piece of paper] Signed by General O'Neill.

She takes it, clearly unhappy.

SHEPPARD: Colonel, it's not that we don't appreciate the thought. But if you had read the report on the armada that's headed this way, you'd know that there's not much we can do about it.

EVERETT: [somewhat belligerent] Oh, I've read your report cover to cover, Major.

McKAY: Must have found a Zed-PM. That's the only way they could have dialed in from Earth.

EVERETT: It was discovered in Egypt by a team of archaeologists. Damn thing's been under our noses the whole time.

McKAY: Fantastic! Wa- Wait a minute. How can you possibly bring the Zed-PM back here? I mean, you need it to maintain the wormhole.

EVERETT: As we speak, it is being transported up to the Daedalus, our new battle cruiser.

McKAY: Oh, sister ship to the Prometheus. I didn't even know it was finished.

EVERETT: With a ZPM boosting her engine, she should be here inside of four days. That is how long we have to hold this base. Major Sheppard, dial Pegasus alpha site, recall all military personnel; as well, any civilians who'd like to return and help take part in damage control are welcome to do so. [He heads up the stairs. SHEPPARD follows] And when you're done with that, please join me in my offices and conference room. We'll discuss our tactical position.

WEIR: [calling from the gate room] Colonel Everett! Fine, you're in charge. But I should be at that briefing.

EVERETT: When it comes down to any other aspect of Atlantis, I will be happy to include you. We're talking about our tactical position.

WEIR: I understand that-

EVERETT: Good! Somebody want to please turn off that self-destruct!

He leaves. WEIR looks stunned.

INT. Conference room. EVERETT is pointing to a schematic of the city.

EVERETT: This schematic is based on the information we got in your message. Can I assume it's accurate?

FORD: Yes, sir.

EVERETT: Captain, deploy plan Alpha Two.

CAPTAIN: Yes, sir. Sergeant, Alpha Two.

FORD: If you don't mind my asking, Colonel, deploy what exactly?

EVERETT: We brought along a few rail guns. They were originally slated for Prometheus to replace their current close-in armament for their next refit. They will deliver an impact velocity of mach-five at fifty miles; a standard magazine will hold ten thousand rounds.

FORD: Whoa!

SHEPPARD and WEIR enter.

SHEPPARD: Self-destruct has been aborted.

EVERETT: Thank you. Did you contact the alpha site?

SHEPPARD looks uncomfortably at WEIR.

WEIR: I asked Major Sheppard to wait until I had a chance to talk with you.

EVERETT: Is that a fact.

SHEPPARD: Yes, sir.

EVERETT: Major, dial the alpha site.

WEIR: Colonel, you've been here all of five minutes. Now, I have been responsible for the lives of the people on this base, both military and civilian, for the past several months. I'm not about to put those lives in jeopardy until I at least know how you intend to defend this city.

EVERETT: I don't need to explain myself to you, Doctor, and I don't need your cooperation.

SHEPPARD: But you could probably use mine. [EVERETT glares.] Sir. So with all due respect, please answer Doctor Weir's question.

EVERETT: Is that a threat, Major?

SHEPPARD: No, sir. I understand you need to establish a clear chain of command. But if you cut Doctor Weir out of the loop, you'll only alienate the people whose trust and respect she's earned, which is everyone on the base. [He pauses.] Including me.

EVERETT: Is that a fact. [He looks at them suspiciously, but nods.] Have a seat.

The doors close.

INT. Balcony over the gate room.

McKAY: I should be in that meeting. I am the foremost expert on the defense capabilities of this city.

ZELENKA: You know how it is. When military steps in, scientists take a back seat.

McKAY: Till they need us.

ZELENKA: They don't think they need us.

McKAY: Yeah, they don't think they need us right up until the point that they need us, and then they need us.

ZELENKA: Then they need us. [The scientist next to him gets his attention and points below.] Take look at this.

In the gate room below, Marines are unpacking crates.

INT. Conference room. Everett is pacing in the middle of the ring of tables.

EVERETT: Six naquadah-enhanced nuclear warheads, twelve hundred megatons apiece. They emit almost zero EM and are otherwise invisible to radar. Once deployed, they will detonate by proximity fuse.

FORD: Space mines?

MARINE: That's right. We use jumpers in stealth mode to place them in a pattern between the armada and Atlantis. Major, we were hoping you could help us with that.

SHEPPARD: Yes, but I recommend keeping a couple in reserve.

EVERETT: Negative. We're only going to get one shot at this.

SHEPPARD: We have to consider the possibility-

EVERETT: Four of my men are pilots. Beckett is giving them the gene innoculation right now. Assuming it takes, you will familiarize them with the jumpers, and they will become our fighter screen.

SHEPPARD: Along with me.

EVERETT: I have another job for you. I understand that this base is equipped with a chair weapons platform like the one we found in Antarctica.

WEIR: Yes, but we have no way of powering it.

EVERETT: We do now. We brought a Mark II naquadah generator.

MARINE: We found a way to increase the power output by six hundred percent. It won't last nearly as long, but should be able to power the chair for as long as we need it to.

SHEPPARD: This is beginning to sound like a plan.

EVERETT: [very sarcastic] I'm glad you approve. [SHEPPARD looks uncomfortable.] We know this is a long shot, but like I said, all we have to do is hold out until the Daedalus gets here. Then we can use the ZPM to power the city shield. Any questions? [FORD, WEIR, and SHEPPARD glance at each other. EVERETT turns to SHEPPARD and leans over the table to him.] All right then. Now that Doctor Weir has been informed of our plans, I would greatly appreciate it if you'd execute my order and contact the alpha site.

SHEPPARD: Yes, sir. [He gets up to leave.]

EVERETT: And Major, this is the last time I give you an order twice.

SHEPPARD: Understood.

Montage of setting up rail guns, SHEPPARD familarizing new pilots with the jumpers, arming rail guns, powering the chair with the new generator, setting the bombs in space, arming scientists.

INT. Gym. Teyla is sparring with an Athosian, each using a stick and a knife. He is a good match, but she gets him at knife-point. EVERETT is seen in the doorway, with some Marines.

EVERETT: You must be Teyla.

She pauses, but does not acknowledge him immediately, Instead, she salutes her sparring partner by touching her forehead to his and gives him her weapons. He leaves.

TEYLA: And you are Colonel Everett.

SHEPPARD: Major Sheppard spoke very highly of you in his report. Of course, a more recent report has me a little concerned.

TEYLA: [getting her belongings] You think I may once again fall under the influence of the Wraith?

EVERETT: Major Sheppard assures me that won't happen, but I do need you to stay out of the way.

TEYLA: Do you not need every able body to help defend Atlantis?

EVERETT: I think we can handle it.

INT. Chair room.

McKAY: He's not even trying.

BECKETT: We've tried this a dozen times.

ZELENKA: Never with this power source.

BECKETT: I'm serious. Major Sheppard's your man.

McKAY: Of course he is, but he's training pilots and deploying space mines right now, so we're stuck with you. Now, listen to me very carefully, do exactly what I tell you to do, and hopefully no one'll get hurt.

BECKETT: Rodney, there must be someone else.

McKAY: Concentrate on powering up the chair. Nothing else, nothing more, nothing but. Don't start thinking about-

BECKETT: Don't tell me what not to start thinking about, or I'll start thinking about it!

McKAY: Please power it up.

BECKETT concentrates, and the chair lights up and reclines.

McKAY: Good. Good. Good. And- oh no.

BECKETT: What? Did I do something wrong?

McKAY rushes from the room

ZELENKA: So, see, nothing to worry about.

McKAY returns.

McKAY: Get him out of the chair.


INT. Control room.

McKAY runs in.

McKAY: Elizabeth! Excuse me. I've hooked up the generator, and the chair platform is operational.

EVERETT: That's good news.

McKAY: Not so much.

WEIR: Why? What's wrong?

McKAY: We're down to just a few dozen drones.

EVERETT: And you're just finding this out now?

McKAY: Look, there was no way of determining that until the chair was initialized, and that was only possible once the Mark II was tied in.

EVERETT: The chair in Antarctica controlled thousands of the damn things.

McKAY: Yes, I know. They were probably used the first time the Wraith attacked the Ancients.

WEIR: Even a few dozen - it'll help us keep them at bay for a while. [An alarm sounds.] What is it?

TECHNICIAN: We have incoming. I don't know where they came from; they just appeared all of the sudden.

SHEPPARD runs in.

SHEPPARD: What's going on?

WEIR: We just detected a wave of - objects approaching the planet.

EVERETT: How many?

TECHNICIAN: Hundred plus.

SHEPPARD: How come they weren't detected by the long-range sensors?

McKAY: Because they're rocks. Asteroids. The Wraith must have harvested them from the system's asteroid belt and accelerated them towards us from a safe distance. The mainframe's taken this long to determine that they were a threat.

WEIR: Can they do much damage?

McKAY: Oh yeah. Even if most of them burn up in the atmosphere, but that's not why they're doing it.

EVERETT: They're headed toward the mines.

SHEPPARD: Well, can they be deactivated?


They all watch on a screen as dozens of red dots, representing the asteroids, head toward the six blue dots representing the mines. The mines are quickly detonated.

McKAY: Well. That's that. Your mines make one hell of a bang, Colonel; I'm sure the Wraith's ears are ringing.

SHEPPARD: What's the status of the hive ships?

McKAY: There's no way of knowing. The mine detonation must have overloaded the sensors.

EVERETT: How long till they're back up?

TECHNICIAN: There's a lot of residual radiation.

McKAY: It'll keep us blind for hours.

SHEPPARD: Yeah, well, they're still out there. We just lost our primary line of defense.

EXT. Shot of the city's control tower.

INT. Hologram room. SHEPPARD enters.

SHEPPARD: You wanted to see me, Colonel?

EVERETT: I was told I could learn a lot about the history of Atlantis in this room.

SHEPPARD: We haven't used it much because of the power requirements.

EVERETT: Still, I would like to see for myself how the Ancients lost the first time, try to avoid their mistakes.

SHEPPARD: Yes, sir, we could do that. [He steps to the control podium. The doors close, the lights dim, and a map of the galaxy appears.] This is the status of the Pegasus galaxy, before the Ancients encountered the Wraith. The blue stars represent systems either inhabited by or protected by the Ancients. [He turns his attention to the controls, and the map is quickly engulfed with red.] Then, this is how it looked after they fought for almost a hundred years.

EVERETT: Until Atlantis was all that was left.

SHEPPARD: Yes, sir. That's when the siege began. [The display changes to the solar system, and a model of the planet drops down between them.] For several more years, the Atlanteans were able to hold of their attackers, relying on the city shield and superior weaponry, including the weapon satellite system. [Wraith ships begin flying toward the hologram planet.] No matter how many Wraith ships they destroyed, more kept coming. They could win almost every battle, but they saw no way to win the war. So, they submerged the city, and left. [He turns off the hologram, and the lights come up.] That's it, that's the story. But the picture is pretty clear.

EVERETT: So you think this a no-win situation.

SHEPPARD: No, sir. What I mean is even if we beat them this time, they're going to come back.

EVERETT: Major, I think I should tell you that Colonel Marshall Sumner was a very good friend of mine. We served together a lot of years, and you know, I cannot for the life of me figure how it is that you could go as far as you did and not save him, how you could get that close-

SHEPPARD: By the time I reached Colonel Sumner-

EVERETT: Worse, you admit to firing the shot that killed him!

SHEPPARD: Because I believed that's what he wanted me to do.

EVERETT: [stepping forward to get in his face] You knew him that well, did you?

SHEPPARD: You weren't there, sir.

EVERETT: No. I wish for his sake I was.

SHEPPARD: There isn't a night that doesn't go by where that moment doesn't play in my head. And every time it does-

An alarm sounds. Both men go for their radios.

EVERETT and SHEPPARD: [at once] Control room.

EVERETT: This is Colonel Everett. Report.

MARINE: Sir, we've just detected a wave of darts, inbound.

EVERETT: I'm on my way. Get to the chair. We'll finish this later.

INT. Control room.

EVERETT: What's happening?

TECHNICIAN: Multiple signals, sir. Closing fast. Doctor McKay must have been right about the nukes damaging the sensors. We couldn't see them until they were right on top of us.

EVERETT: Are my gunners in position?


EVERETT: How about our damage control parties?

WEIR: They're all in position.

EVERETT: All right. Darken the city.

The control room goes dark.

EXT. Atlantis, night. The lights dim across the city. Marines are gearing up at the rail guns.

MARINE: Remember, short, steady bursts! [Marines line up. A dart is heard.] Here they come!

Missles fire all over the city at the incoming Wraith. Darts begin to crash into the city. Shots are fired all over.

INT. Chair room. SHEPPARD runs in.

SHEPPARD: McKay, fire it up!

McKAY: It'll take a minute.

SHEPPARD: We don't have a minute

McKAY: Look, this generator can only power the chair because it operates in a state of barely controlled overload.

SHEPPARD: Just get the damn thing working.

McKAY: That's what I'm trying to do.

EXT. Balcony. Marines are firing.

RATNER: Colonel, it's Ratner!

EVERETT: Go ahead.

RATNER: Looks like some of them are starting to make kamikaze runs!

INT. Control room. There is a large explosion nearby. The room goes almost completely dark.

WEIR: What happened?

TECHNICIAN: We lost primary systems.

EXT. Balcony.

MARINE: Go, go!

WEIR and EVERETT come out to the balcony. Dozens of darts and bursts light the sky. A dart explodes nearby.

EXT. Another balcony. An entire gun crew is swept up in a dart's transporter beam.

EXT. Balcony.

EVERETT: One of our gun positions is dark. Ferrell, why aren't you firing?

WEIR: Ferrell?

EVERETT: Ferrell, report!

INT. A corridor.

FORD: Colonel, this is Lieutenant Ford. I'm near Ferrell's position. I'm on it.

INT. Chair room.

McKAY: Okay, you've got power, go!

SHEPPARD activates the chair immediately.

EXT. Atlantis. A hatch opens, and drones fly from it. A few darts explode.

EXT. Another balcony. FORD runs up to the unmanned rail gun and takes a seat, commencing firing.

EXT. Atlantis. More darts are flying at the city. Marines are firing back.

EXT. Balcony. A dart flies at the tower. EVERETT covers WEIR as it explodes overhead.

INT. Chair room. SHEPPARD is using the drones to destroy another dart.

EXT. Balcony. The first wave has been beaten back. EVERETT and WEIR look down to see the city in flames.

Fade to EXT. Day. Smoke still rises from parts of the city.

INT. Control room.

McKAY: Power's out in sections of the city, the long-range scanners and the internal sensors are down, but we're working on it.

EVERETT: I want to know the status of those hive ships ASAP.

McKAY: They're coming! That's their status! Tomorrow, the day after, the day after that, eventually they'll get here! Whether we're here to greet them or not is another matter.

WEIR: Rodney. . .

McKAY: Look, the chair is out of drones. How do you expect to handle the next wave?

EVERETT: I'm open to suggestions.

McKAY: Really.

SHEPPARD: We target the hive ships.

EVERETT: With what?

SHEPPARD: We fly the puddle jumper in stealth mode right down their throats.

EVERETT: Are you volunteering for a suicide mission?

SHEPPARD: Well, it won't be a suicide mission if McKay and Zelenka can figure out a way to remote control the jumpers.

EVERETT: Can you do it?

McKAY: I knew this was going to happen.

EVERETT: Is that a fact.

McKAY: Yes, it's a fact! Look, you show up here with your guns and your brush cuts, but when it comes to actually saving the city, you turn to the scientists. And every time, what you ask is impossible.

EVERETT: When was the last time you slept, Doctor?

McKAY: Du-du-du-du, shut up, I have an idea.

ZELENKA: The chair.

McKAY: Of course the chair. The problem is tying it into the jumper systems.

ZELENKA: Without overloading the generators.

McKAY: Possibly using the drones on the jumpers themselves as a means of propulsion.

ZELENKA: While increasing the inertial dampening to maximum.

McKAY: Won't be very maneuverable, but possibly.

ZELENKA: Possibly.

They start to leave.

EVERETT: Is that a yes?

McKAY: No, it's a possibly.

EVERETT: I'll take it. [They leave.] How much damage can one puddle jumper do?

SHEPPARD: I've got an idea about that too. [He looks at Weir.] I think I know where we can get another nuke.

WEIR: Major, I don't know how sympathetic the Genii will be to our situation.

EVERETT: The Genii?

SHEPPARD: They want to test their weapon? Now's their chance.

TEYLA: [off-screen] Let me pass!

They head to the balcony. A Marine is restraining Teyla.

TEYLA: I need to talk to Doctor Weir!

WEIR: Teyla? What's the matter?

TEYLA: The Wraith. They are in Atlantis.

INT. Gate room. Marines are gearing up to hunt down the Wraith.

FORD: The Wraith piloting the kamikaze ships beamed into the city right before they hit.

EVERETT: So they're trying to take the city intact. How many we talking about?

SHEPPARD: How many darts crashed?

EVERETT: Between twenty and thirty. And internal sensors are still down.

SHEPPARD: Well, we have this. [He pulls a handheld scanner from his vest.] It can't differentiate between Wraith and human, but if we confine all base personnel to the designated areas, then the blips that show up out of bounds will be the likely targets.

EVERETT: Let me see that.

SHEPPARD hands it over.

SHEPPARD: Won't do you any good. You need the gene.

EVERETT holds it up. It's still working.

EVERETT: I got the gene therapy too.

Behind him, Athosians are gathering. TEYLA approaches.

TEYLA: We wish to help. This is quite a large city, Colonel. You need as many people searching as possible.

SHEPPARD: She is the one who sensed the Wraith's presence in the first place.

EVERETT: Captain, get some weapons for these people.

MARINE: Yes, sir.

EXT. Control tower, and chair room.

INT. Chair room.

BECKETT: There's other people on this base that possess the Ancient gene. Doctor Kusanaki, for example. I'm sure she'd relish the opportunity to help.

McKAY: Okay, I'm exhausted and starving, so sit down. Carson, it's out of drones, you couldn't do any damage if you wanted to. [BECKETT sighs disgustedly and sits.] Thank you. [The chair activates.] Okay, we're in business. Head down to the jumper bay. Radio me when you get there. [ZELENKA leaves.]

INT. Stairs. EVERETT's team is searching the city.

INT. Corridor. TEYLA's team is searching the city.

INT. Corridor. FORD walks alone and is struck by a Wraith. SHEPPARD comes out from his hiding place and kills the Wraith. He checks the scanner to make sure it's dead.

SHEPPARD: You okay?

FORD: Yeah. How about next time, you can be the bait.

SHEPPARD: Yeah, maybe. Next time. All right. This way.

INT. Control room. WEIR enters.

TECHNICIAN: We just received a response from the Genii.

WEIR: Let's hear it.

The TECHNICIAN plays the message.

PRENUM: This is Prenum of the Genii. We welcome the opportunity to open a dialogue between our two people. Send your representative - one person, unarmed.

WEIR: Is that all?

TECHNICIAN: Yes, ma'am.

WEIR: [into radio] Colonel Everett, this is Weir. As we've hoped, the Genii have asked us to send a representative. I'm set to go.

INT. Corridor.

EVERETT: Good, I can't imagine anyone more qualified. You pull this off, I'll buy you a drink.

INT. Control room.

WEIR: You've got a deal. Dial the gate.

EXT. Wormhole.

INT. Genii bunker. Cavern as seen in UNDERGROUND.

INT. A room with a single chair. WEIR is brought in by two guards, hands tied behind her back and blindfolded. They sit her in the chair and leave. We see the room's other occupant.

PRENUM: Doctor Weir. I am Prenum of the Genii. I'm rather surprised, [laughs] no, astonished that you would have the audacity to come here.

WEIR: You heard our message. The Wraith are at our doorstep.

PRENUM: And we are understandably delighted at the prospect of your demise.

WEIR: That may be so. But still, we have something that you want.


WEIR: More than that. We have an opportunity for you to test your weapon, at no risk to yourselves, and a chance to strike at the Wraith. You have no idea how close they are.

PRENUM: The Wraith have come, Doctor. [WEIR is at a loss for words.] Six days ago. Fortunately, we detected their approach, and we were able to shut down our reactors in time. Hundreds of lives were lost on the surface, but thousands more were saved because our underground complex went undetected. So you see, the threat to the Genii has come and gone. So far as the Wraith are concerned, this planet is no longer of interest to them. We have the design that Doctor McKay provided for us, and our prototype bombs are nearly complete.

WEIR: So why would you ask me to come here?

PRENUM: [leaning down to say it in her ear] So that we may trade the C4 for your life.

EXT. Atlantis.

INT. Corridor. EVERETT's team is searching. Shots are being fired elsewhere, and power goes out. They follow the shots and find a dead man in another room.

EVERETT: Damn it.

One of the naquadah generators is sparking, having been ripped open and broken.

INT. Corridor. TEYLA's group is searching.

EVERETT: [over radio] This is Everett. The Wraith just took out one of our generators.

INT. Stairs.

SHEPPARD: What's the nearest generator station?

FORD: Number three. Teyla's group is closer.

INT. Corridor. TEYLA's group is running.

SHEPPARD: [over radio] Teyla?

TEYLA: We are already on our way, Major!

INT. Stairs.

SHEPPARD: Meet you there.

INT. Genii interrogation room.

WEIR: I have already offered you the C4.

PRENUM: And you want our prototype weapons in exchange. That's not a bargain for the Genii.

WEIR: What would you do if you had the C4 right now? Incorporate it into your weapons?


WEIR: And you would test them.

PRENUM: Of course.

WEIR: I am offering you the chance to test your weapon design on a Wraith hive ship at no risk to your own people, and still have enough to build dozens more. Now, if you are too proud, or too stupid to see the-

PRENUM: Be careful, Doctor.

WEIR: I am way past careful! Now you know what the deal is, and it's a damn good one, so take it or leave it.

INT. Puddle jumper bay.

INT. Puddle jumper. ZELENKA is fiddling with controls.

ZELENKA: Yeah, that's it.

INT. Chair room.

McKAY: Okay, give it a test.

ZELENKA: [over radio] Standing by.

McKAY: Carson, I need you to clear your mind and think about the puddle jumper. Think about bringing it online.

INT. Puddle jumper. ZELENKA is pacing.

ZELENKA: Come on, come on, come on. Any time now. . .

INT. Chair room.

McKAY: Carson, look, I know you can do this. Just activate the puddle jumper.

INT. Puddle jumper. The console lights up.


INT. Chair room.

ZELENKA: [over radio] Yes, yes, yes! Rodney, Rodney!

INT. Puddle jumper.

ZELENKA: It works.

INT. Chair room.

McKAY: Thank God.

BECKETT smiles. Rodney sinks to the floor.

INT. Gate room. The gate is activated. WEIR enters with two Genii men, who push crates in on carts.

WEIR: Give me your radio. [A Marine hands her his radio.] Thank you. [into radio] This is Weir. I've got the prototypes.

INT. Chair room.

McKAY: Prototypes. Right.

He leaves, but BECKETT remains, the chair still activated.

INT. Corridor. TEYLA's group is defending a generator from several Wraith. They are surrounded. One of her men is hit with a Wraith stun bolt. SHEPPARD and FORD arrive and kill off the Wraith.

SHEPPARD: That should be the last of them.

INT. WEIR's office. WEIR enters.

WEIR: Colonel.

EVERETT: Well done, Doctor. I- I have to admit it. I am impressed.

WEIR: Well, maybe there's hope for me yet.

EVERETT: [rising] I'm in your chair.

WEIR: Thought it was your chair.

EVERETT: Yeah, well, I, uh - I don't sit much. I was just going over the. . . [He waves at the desk and trails off.]

A door opens. McKAY enters.

McKAY: We have a problem.

EVERETT: We have a lot of problems.

McKAY: I've just finished examining the Genii nuclear devices. They're incomplete. I can finish it, but it's going to take time.

EVERETT: How much time?

McKAY: About a day?

EVERETT: We don't have a day, Doctor.

McKAY: Like I said, we have a problem.

He leaves. WEIR and EVERETT follow.

EXT. Atlantis. Smoke rises from parts of the city.

INT. Lab. McKAY and ZELENKA are working on the bombs.

BECKETT: You want to see me, Rodney?

McKAY: Yes, yes, I need something to keep me awake.

ZELENKA: Yeah, me too.

BECKETT: I've already given you something.

McKAY: Yeah, well, we're building nuclear bombs here. Staying awake is sort of a prerequisite.

BECKETT: Snappy. All right. I'll get you another stimulant. Carry on.

ZELENKA: Thank you.

INT. Gate room. Wounded are being evacuated through the gate.

EVERETT: I'm sorry you lost some of your people.

TEYLA: Many have died, Colonel.

PILOT: [over radio] This is Jumper Four. We have a visual on the hive ships.

EVERETT: [over intercom] This is Everett. Jumper Four has just informed us the Wraith hive ships are approaching the planet. Defense team, to your positions. [to WEIR] Doctor?

WEIR: Thank you. [over intercom] This is Weir. Now I know how tired you all are, and how much we have asked of you these past few days.

INT. Lab. McKAY and Zelenka are still working on the bombs.

WEIR: [cont.] Hopefully the Daedalus will arrive soon, but until that happens our fate is in our own hands.

INT. Corridor. FORD's group is heading to the lab.

WEIR: [cont.] If during the course of this battle our mission fails. . .

INT. Walkway. SHEPPARD leads a group into position.

WEIR: [cont.] I will give the order to evacuate.

INT. Control room.

WEIR: [cont.] Now we all hope it won't come to that. But if it does, don't hesitate. That is all.

INT. Lab. FORD's group arrives.

CAPTAIN: Time's up.

McKAY: Well, what a coincidence. We're done.

The Marines begin transporting the bombs. McKAY lays his head on the table.

ZELENKA: So, chair room?

McKAY: Right.

CAPTAIN: [into radio] Colonel, we're heading to the bay to load up the jumpers.

EVERETT: {over radio] Understood.

INT. Control room.

EVERETT: [to WEIR] Remember, I owe you that drink.

INT. Puddle jumper. They are loading the bombs.

ZELENKA: Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow. Right here.

INT. Corridor. TEYLA's group is patrolling.

INT. Control room.

WEIR: Sheppard, are you ready?

INT. Chair room.

SHEPPARD: Rodney. . .

McKAY: Generator's not powering up like it should be.

The power level on the generator suddenly plummets.

INT. Corridor. TEYLA's group is patrolling

EXT. Balcony. Marines are at the ready.

EXT. Space. The hive ships approach.

INT. Control room. An alarm sounds as the sensors pick up the hive ships. WEIR hits the intercom button.

WEIR: They're sending in another wave! Major, we need to go!

EXT. Atlantis. Darts appear and begin buzzing the city.

EXT. Balcony. Marines fire on the darts. The kamikaze runs begin.

INT. Chair room.


McKAY: There's something wrong. Power levels are dropping.

INT. Jumper bay.

ZELENKA: Rodney, nothing is happening!

INT. Control room. The monitor shows darts flooding the surroundings.

WEIR: Why are there no jumpers in the air!?

McKAY: [over radio] We must have exhausted the Mark II's energy output. It's dead.

INT. Chair room.

SHEPPARD: So long, Rodney.

He runs out.

McKAY: There's got to be a way to- Major!

INT. Stairs. EVERETT and another Marine are descending. A Wraith illusion passes by.

EVERETT: Heads up, people, they're in the base!

INT. Corridor. SHEPPARD is running through.

INT. Control room.

WEIR: Colonel, we have a problem.

INT. Walkway.

EVERETT: What is it?

INT. Control room.

WEIR: We may need to give the order to evacuate.

SHEPPARD runs into the room.

SHEPPARD: Elizabeth, wait.

He starts up the stairs as she turns around. He stops on the stairs and looks down at her.

WEIR: You *can't*.

SHEPPARD: I have to, and you know it.

WEIR: [shaking her head] John. . . [A long pause. SHEPPARD is still out of breath.] Go.

SHEPPARD nods and runs up the stairs.

INT. Walkway.

EVERETT: What's the status on that damn jumper?

INT. Control room. WEIR is still clearly upset.

WEIR: It's on its way.

INT. Walkway. A Wraith drops down behind EVERETT and knocks out the Marine with him. He knocks EVERETT's P90 aside. EVERETT draws his sidearm and fires it ten times, running out of bullets after the eighth. The Wraith is unfazed.

EXT. Atlantis. Darts are still flying over the city.

INT. Control room.

ZELENKA: [over radio] Doctor Weir, Major Sheppard is taking the jumper up.

WEIR: I'm aware of that, Doctor Zelenka. Start prepping Jumper Two.

She hears gunfire over the radio.

WEIR: Teyla, I'm hearing gunfire. What's your status?

INT. Corridor.

WEIR: [over intercom] Teyla, do you hear me?

We see bodies of the Athosians who were with TEYLA. There are shells scattered about.

WEIR: [cont.] Teyla!

There is an abandoned gun lying on the ground.

INT. Jumper bay. A puddle jumper rises as the roof retracts.

INT. Puddle jumper.

SHEPPARD: Hopefully if I take this one out, the other one will back off.

INT. Control room. Down below, BECKETT is hurrying people toward the active gate.

BECKETT: Go, go, go, go!

He runs up the stairs and into the control room.

BECKETT: We can't stay here, Elizabeth.

McKAY: He's right; they're beaming in all over the place.

WEIR: We're not going anywhere. [McKAY and BECKETT stare at her; she looks at the monitor.] Not yet.

McKAY looks at the monitor and sees that a jumper is flying toward the hive ships.

EXT. Space. A jumper flies above the planet, going into stealth mode.

INT. Puddle jumper.

SHEPPARD: You know, if this works. . .

INT. Control room.

SHEPPARD: [cont. over radio] Somebody might have to do it again.

WEIR: Understood.

EXT. Walkway. FORD's group is running.

MARINE: Come on, keep up! Over there!

They are suddenly cornered by a group of Wraith beaming down in front of them and one coming up behind. They are outnumbered and outgunned, but they hold their position.

INT. Control room.

McKAY: You let Sheppard fly that jumper?

WEIR doesn't answer him. McKAY and BECKETT are both shocked.

WEIR: Help me arm the self-destruct in case this fails.

WEIR and McKAY arm the self-destruct device. BECKETT watches the monitor as SHEPPARD nears the hive ships. He looks at WEIR, who is staring back at the monitor as the alarm begins sounding.

INT. Puddle jumper.

SHEPPARD: They haven't detected my approach. Weapon is armed and ready. I'm going in.