Episode 116 - The Brotherhood

Transcript by Tara

SCENE: Halls of a monastery another planet. Sounds of wraith darts and screaming. Man runs down corridor, another grabs things.

MONK: Is it safe?

ASTRO: Yes. The chamber has been sealed. Where are the others?

MONK: The brotherhood has fallen Astro. We are all that remains.

ASTRO: My god. If we die---

MONK: Hurry they’re getting closer. *they grab their things and run to the door*

Door opens, to outside and view of great castle…, Wraith darts speeding passed and the men are taken by the ray of light.

SCENE: The castle turns to ruins indicating time gone by.

MCKAY: Alina…I know I’ve *grabs book, turning to woman beside him* said this before but…uh…Thank you so much for letting us in here…for helping us through the material *walk into room where the others sit with a load of books…and stuff* Its been utterly fascinating.

ALINA: I’m happy to do it Doctor. I’m sorry this information is so scattered *many are working through texts as they walk past* I’m afraid we are working on so many projects at once, referencing material’s tend to get misplaced. *they put the books down*

MCKAY: Of course *picks up book* look at that. *the other three burst out laughing on the other side of the room, Mckay walks over with a sheet of paper* What is going on here?

SHEPPARD: Just having a little fun Mckay.

MCKAY: Can we go back to work now?!

FORD: I just don’t see how running through history books is gonna…gonna find us our ZPM.

MCKAY: Really…*picks up sheet* see this? This is a charcoal rubbing taken from an ancient temple, built about the time Weir’s list was written. Notice anything familiar. *shot of rubbing* It’s a ZedPM. Look we are close…closer than we’ve ever been before. Now…there may very well be hundreds of zero point modules hidden in this galaxy but the only one we are remotely sure of is here. Here. Now if you ever want to go home…if you ever want to protect Atlantis from the wraith we need to find this. *points picture*


SCENE: Conference room, Atlantis

WEIR: Do they have any idea where the ZPM could be?

MCKAY: No according to the legend…an ancient from Atlantis came through the Stargate and entrusted a sect of sudarian priests with a…*uses hand quotes* “Rare treasure” or potentia they called it. This Atlantian told them to keep it hidden from the wraith at all costs *Sheppard looks bored*…now the sudarian people worshipped the ancients and considered the potentia…they’re most sacred artifact. Now predictably they did exactly what the ancient requested.

WEIR: The Potentia being…

SHEPPARD: The ZPM. *small smile*

WEIR: So they wouldn’t have used it.

MCKAY: From what I can tell they only brought it out of hiding to be displayed on high holidays. I’d be surprised if they even knew it could be used. And THAT Is good news.

WEIR: If they didn’t know how to use it…chances are its still completely full…

MCKAY: The bad news however…is that after 10000 years of wraith culling sudarian society is essentially extinct. The planets inhabitants are only…renaissance level of development but…with the help of some of our gear I really think we’ll make some headway.

WEIR: Alright I’m sold. Major take your team back to Dagan. See if you can get us a ticket home.

SCENE: Some dark underground

Shot of a boy on the ground…two men standing round, obviously been training. We see one of the Men’s back, with a scar of a bullet exit wound. Boy helped up and we see the man is KOLYA.

BOB: *walks up to Kolya, as kolya touches his shoulder* Does it still pain you?

KOLYA: Leave us. *the two guys leave* what do you have for me?

BOB: The atlantians have returned to Dagan.

KOLYA: You’re sure?

BOB: Oh yes, our operative just checked in, it’s only been 12 hours since they left. They must be getting close to it.

KOLYA: Do we have any idea what “it” is yet?

BOB: We know a little more. Many offworld spies have been keeping a close eye on the atlantian teams from a far. This is the first planet we’ve managed to get this close to them. They’re looking for an atlantian era power source.

KOLYA: Is chief Kalan sending a team?

BOB: Net yet. His priorities are else where. Even if he was he would never send you.

KOLYA: The last things the atlantians need is more power. Get me on that planet…with or without his blessing.

SCENE: Control room

AARON: I don’t know what happen, It just stopped working. I got some of the functionality back. it still isn’t doing everything it used to. *drinks coffee*

ZELENKA: *pops head out from under console taps on laptop.* yes well…maybe if people stop insisting on having food a liquid in such close proximity to the 10,000 year old equipment

AARON: Hey. We’re very careful. *puts down cup* we’re not the problem here.

ZELENKA: Ah yes…aha (Gets up walks over to get something, Aaron touches the laptop to look…the big atlantian screen flashes) What did you touch?

AARON: Nothing. I didn’t touch anything.

ZELENKA: (Say something in Czech (translation:"Jesus, I can´t do anything with those actors, dude!" ) *taps buttons on laptop* then why is it-…*walks over to big screen* what is this?

SCENE: Some corridor.

WEIR: I didn’t know we had deep space sensors

ZELENKA: Yes well…noone did. From what I can tell they’ve been running silently in background along with our other primary systems

WEIR: In the background?


WEIR: So why this sudden leap to the foreground?

ZELENKA: Excellent question.

WEIR: We don’t have an answer for that yet, do we?

ZELENKA: Not as of yet…no.

WEIR: Ok well keep me in the loop.

ZELENKA: *small laugh* you are the loop (lol)

WEIR: Isn’t that a nice thing to say hmm… *they keep walking a little silence, she looks at him* You’re more than welcome to keep walking with me…but if there’s something that you needed to do

ZELENKA: *stops* yes. Yes…*she walks on*

SCENE: Dagan. In monastery

ALINA: They call themselves the quindozum, a brotherhood of fifteen monks whose sole occupation was to keep the potentia or ZPM safe.

MCKAY: umm…it’s fascinating (we’re losing another one *thunk*)

SHEPPARD: Yes…fascinating.

MCKAY: *gives Sheppard a look, to Alina* Please…go on

ALINA: *Hands out sheets* The brotherhood of the fifteen consisted of a master handler. Fiver protectors and nine stone carriers. They’re greatest fear was that the entire brotherhood might one day be culled by the wraith, which would result in the ZPM going missing forever.

TEYLA: Missing yes. But it would not fall into enemy hands.

ALINA: They were entrusted with the ZPM *another girl turns listens* they’re hope was one day the atlantians would return to reclaim it and reward the sudarian people for completing their task.

MCKAY: so they left hints…clues should the brotherhood be destroyed.

ALINA: That’s right. The priests created nine stone markers. That when united *Mckay walks over* are suppose to reveal the final resting place of the quindozums protected treasure. So far we’ve only found three. *passes one to Teyla.* The etchings on the rock’s involve many lines and dots. We think it’s a map.

MCKAY: ummm…amazing.

SHEPPARD: It is actually. This looks like an ancient numbering system.

ALINA: That’s what we thought. From what we can tell the numbers three, six and seven.

MCKAY: excellent work. I mean seriously I am very impressed here *grins, she smiles* (we’ve lost him)

ALINA: That’s very kind of you doctor. *Sheppard all but rolls eyes*

MCKAY: Where did you find them?

ALINA: this building used to be their monastery actually. We pieced together some of the information we found here and tracked down the number six and seven stones. We found the number three stone on an unrelated dig just last week.

SHEPPARD: So if we find the stones we find the map.

ALINA: Yes exactly.

MCKAY: *grabs one of the stones* huh…you see this

FORD: *looks at his own oddly* part of the design?

MCKAY: I don’t think anything on these stones is designed just for their aesthetics. Here. *ford passes it to him* yeah…each of the stones has a different part of the grid lost.

ALINA: Signifying where its correct place should be in the final configuration.

MCKAY: Exactly.

FORD: so what?

MCKAY: so what?! Oi. Do you have a map?

SCENE: They get out a map

MCKAY: Ok where did you find them?

ALINA: We found the seventh stone here. *points Mckay marks it* the sixth stone here and most recently we stumbled on the third stone here.

MCKAY: You have no idea how lucky a find that was. *draws across map*

ALINA: *grins* I see it.

TEYLA: *confused* uh…doctor I’m not sure…

MCKAY: They’re buried in a grid. Look we couldn’t have done this without the number three stone. That along with the seventh stone give us two diagonally imposed corners. From that you can extrapolate exactly how big the grid is and exactly where the stones should be.

SHEPPARD: Alright. Split up. Two teams. Lets start digging.

SCENE: Kolya, bob and the operative walking along a road on Dagan

BOB: Do you think they’ll fine it?

ERIK: Many people from many worlds have come to find the lost treasure of the Quindozum.

KOLYA: Do you think they will find it?

ERIK: I do not know.

KOLYA: We will wait for them to find the treasure, we’ll take it by force. Your men are not to act until I give word understood?

ERIK: absolutely

SCENE: Mckay, Alina and the other girl walking through forest.

MCKAY: That should make us…right I think *heads off*

ALINA: Can you believe the progress we’ve made suneera…how many years have we been searching for these stones---*suneera drops equipment* whats wrong?

SUNEERA: we should not be helping them alina.

ALINA: They are helping us as much as we are helping them.

SUNEERA: They will take the potentia if they find it. you must see that

ALINA: They have come to us from the great city of Atlantis. It is for them that the brotherhood of the fifteen have kept it hidden

SUNEERA: I do not trust them alina.

ALINA: If you would rather head back to your village than help us. I will not stop you. *follows Mckay.*

Shows all three walking, finding a spot digging, Mckay drinking. Then shows others digging at other places.

SCENE: Sheppard hits something.

SHEPPARD: Check this out.

Ford rushed over. They open a box to a stone, shot of mckay finding a stone and then Teyla, and the suneera.


MCKAY: *Pulls stone out of box* this is gonna work

ALINA: I think it just might. *they grin at eachother.*

SCENE: In hall of monastery, late. Other are settling to eat. Mckay is looking at some wall.

ALINA: *walks over with bread* It’s a layout. Of the Sudarian villages. The walls of this monastery have protected it for 10000 years.

MCKAY: hmm…it’s ah Beautiful

ALINA: *nods* It is. *looks at him* And yet my eyes are drawn elsewhere (hello.:P )

MCKAY: hmm…*looks back at wall, then passed to a spot over his shoulder she may be looking sees nothing turns back, sorta whispered* elsewhere?

ALINA: *small smile* I’d like to restore it one day. But I’m afraid of damaging it. Perhaps you could help me, doctor?

MCKAY: really…you have to start calling me Rodney *goes to sit*

ALINA: *Follows, puts bread down* very well *he yawns* I don’t bore you do i?

MCKAY: no, its not you. no… suddenly I feel so tired.

ALINA: You’re a scientist. Are you not used to this by now?

MCKAY: Ah but my kind of science. Is the good kind of science… the kind you can do sitting on a chair or…laying on a couch.

ALINA: What was it like? Growing up in the city of the ancestors Rodney.

MCKAY: sorry?...

ALINA: Atlantis

MCKAY: Oh…no no no no… we didn’t…we come from a planet called earth. In an all together different galaxy. We only just recently made Atlantis our home.

ALINA: how recently?

MCKAY: Well it’s a matte of months really.

ALINA: hmm…you’re tired. Do not let me keep you from sleep.

MCKAY: well if you insist I’ll um…ok…*gets up, leaves, heads past Sheppard, ford and Teyla* I’m heading to bed.

SHEPPARD: ah which bed might that be *eats*

MCKAY: Hmm…*stops after a minute* what?

FORD: Think the leader might have a little crush on you…doctor

MCKAY: *Looks over at alina* she does?

TEYLA: It is very clear to us all.

MCKAY: it is??

SHEPPARD: to everyone but you apparently.

MCKAY: Well should I have um…I mean…are you sure about this.

SHEPPARD: Yeah. Pretty sure

MCKAY: What should I do?

SHEPPARD: *Raises eyebrow* You don’t know what to do?

MCKAY: I know what to do eventually. I mean what should I do now? Should I say something tonight?

SHEPPARD: *gives Teyla a look* tell you what valentine. Wait til tomorrow…you’ll be more on your game after you get some rest.

MCKAY: oh…right. Right… Good answer. Good night. *Alina looks over. Teyla laughs.*

SCENE: Morning at another dig. Sheppard digging, Alina and Mckay have put eight pieces together.

ALINA: It doesn’t look much like a map… I guess I was wrong.

MCKAY: Possibly. Although *she looks at him* just cause you…you thought it was a map. It doesn’t make your initial assumption bad…or incorrent. Incorrect yes…but… it was a good guess.

ALINA: *gives him an odd look* I’m sorry.

MCKAY: You’re very *glances over at sheppard* very smart…and uh…and attractive and what not and um ah…*sees Sheppard heading over, looks back at stones* you know…when things aren’t going through…when things don’t…you know.

ALINA: Is everything alright?

MCKAY: yeah it’s great. Its Great…you know everythings really…why wouldn’t it be?

SHEPPARD: You sure we’re in the right place. We’ve almost doubled the size of the dig. And we haven’t found anything yet. *drinking water*

MCKAY: This has got to be the right place. The other eight stones were exactly where we thought they were going to be. Why would this be any different.

FORD: *digging, stops* Major!

SHEPPARD: Tell me you found the stone

FORD: Not quite sir. But I think Mckay should take a look at this

They dust of a large stone…in the ground

ALINA: It carries the mark of the brother hood.

SHEPPARD: The writings in ancient. Can you read it?

MCKAY: *reads* It’s a warning. It says only the brotherhood of the fifteen should enter the chamber of…

ALINA: Of the Quindozum

TEYLA: What chamber?

SCENE: They heave the panel off… Ford throws down three night sticks. They hit the bottom.

MCKAY: So who wants to go first?...seems like more of a Sheppard thing.

SCENE: A shot through binoculars, of Mckay and ford lowering Teyla down the chamber.

KOLYA: We couldn’t have planned it any better.

SCENE: Suneera lights the candles in the chamber. As Mckay is lowered in.

MCKAY: easy Ford.

SHEPPARD: Alright he’s down.

FORD: Alright I’ll stay up here. Keep an eye on the descender

SHEPPARD: Stay sharp. let you know if anything interesting happens

They look around. Mckay heads over to alina who is setting up the stones the pendulum, dusting of the middle area.

TEYLA: Do you see this…this is the whole pattern.

MCKAY: So the ninth stone must intergrate into this center piece. *he looks at the sides, to two hand prints. Puts his hand in one* may i? *alina moves as he puts his hand in the other*

TEYLA: I think we can rule out a map.

SHEPPARD: You’re right. Any ideas?

MCKAY: I’m getting there

SCENE: Atlantis. Balcony. Some athosians are looking out. Zelenka runs in.

WEIR: Yes get a team together and go to section seven. *guy heads off*

ZELENKA: Dr weir. Dr. weir. I was finally able to interface out computers with the atlantian long range sensors.

WEIR: excellent.

ZELENKA: …theres an unidentified craft about the size of a wraith dart heading for the city.

WEIR: what? *they rush off to control room*

ZELENKA: I’m sorry the sensors picked it up days ago but its taken me until now to *sits* finally decipher what they’ve been trying to tell us.

WEIR: a dart. How is that possible?

ZELENKA: well perhaps it was modified to get here as quick as possible.

WEIR: The hive ships are lightyears away still.

ZELENKA: Well it could have used neighbouring Stargate to fly towards us at maximum speed ever since wraith discovered we were here. At it’s current velocity… it will be here in 27 minutes.

WEIR: We need to get jumpers in the air.

SCENE: Dagan at dig site. Ford looking around, feels something hits his neck, moves hand back, pulling out a dart, p-90 falls from hands, he looks around and he drops.

SHEPPARD: What? What don’t you believe?

MCKAY: It’s a gate address. A six symbol gate address

TEYLA: Gate symbols?

ALINA: I see them now. Yes

TEYLA: Do you recognize the address.


ALINA: *Shakes head* I am not familiar with this one either.

SHEPPARD: So. The ninth stones on another planet?

SCENE: Fords lieing unconscious as Kolya and his men follow.

KOLYA: Is he dead?

ERIK: No. just unconscious. He will be like that for hours.

KOLYA: excellent. We’ll wait for them to---

Ford trips up one of the men, and shoots another. All weapons on him, he grabs a man, with a gun to his throat. The others hear the gun shots

KOLYA: Put the weapon down ltd ford.

SHEPPARD: *walks toward opening looking up* Ford? *the man knocks ford out*

KOLYA: Major Sheppard. I’m afraid the ltd has ha to step away for a moment.

MCKAY: Who’s that?

SHEPPARD: It can’t be

TEYLA: Sounds like…


KOLYA: *steps near hole so they can see him, gun raised* surprised?

SHEPPARD: You’re alive,

KOLYA: As far as I can tell. Did you actually tjink a single bullet to the shoulder would kill me? I always thought you were smarter than that…

SHEPPARD: What’d you do to ford?

KOLYA: He’s fine.

SHEPPARD: So what do you want?

KOLYA: Same as you major. The lost treasure of the quindozum

SHEPPARD: What possible use could that be to you?

KOLYA: The sudarians have informed me that this ZPM…what ever it might be, is an object of great power, and great power is of use to all people. Especially the Jenai.

ALINA: *angry* Suneera

SUNEERA: They offered us a great reward alina. They agrred to let us keep the treasure if we--*alina slaps her, that makes Mckays head snap*

SHEPPARD: They’re no use to you kolya. ZPM’s only work on Atlantis.

KOLYA: Perhaps. But I prefere hearing that from a jenai scientist.

TEYLA: we do not have it yet. We have not found the ninth stone.

KOLYA: we have an unbelievably large tactical adavantage over you. Now if you would rather I just covered the mouth chamber up and forget about the whole thing. I’m more than willing to consider it.

MCKAY: She’s right. We’re close, but we’re not there yet. Look the ninth stone is hidden on another planet. All we have is the gate address.

KOLYA: Dr mckay! So wonderful to hear your grating voice again. Hows the arm?

MCKAY: *Step forward.* you wanna keep trading barbs or do you want to find the ZedPM. Look let me out of here and I’ll help you find it. But then you let my team go.

SHEPPARD: *whisper* shut up mckay.

MCKAY: *whisper* have you got a better idea?

SHEPPARD: *Whisper* no

MCKAY: Do we have a deal or not?

KOLYA: You and one of the daganians will be raised out. Along with everyones weapons and radios. The rest of you will remain here. If Dr Mckay finds the ZPM the others will be let go. I give you my word. *walks away*

SHEPPARD: *mutters* well we have his word.

MCKAY: *to sheppard* I don’t see that we have much choice *shouts* coming up.

SCENE: Control room, Zelenka looks worried.

WEIR: We’ve got the general population confined to their quarters. Lets hope they’re out of harms way.

ZELENKA: Any word from Sheppard yet?

WEIR: No I’ve been unable to reach him. His entire team is off radio.

ZELENKA: It’s still closing in very fast. Who are we going to get to fly the third jumper?

SCENE: Jumper

BECKETT: I can barely make it to the main land and back without crashing. For the last time I’m a doctor not a bloody fighter pilot an---

BATES: A wraith dart is going to be all over this city inside of 10 minutes and our only real fighter pilot is offworld. I for one would like to mount the best defence we can.

BECKETT: *swings to controls angry* brilliant.

Jumper rises up and out.

SCENE: Control room

AARON: Number two is away. All three are out.

WEIR: Good luck Carson.

BECKETT: Thanks I’ll need it

SCENE: Dagan. Near gate, Mckay dials up (alina with him) but the wormhole does not connect.

MCKAY: Its not working.

KOLYA: Try it again.

MCKAY: look. I’ve tried it twice. Backwards and forwards.

KOLYA: we’ve played this game before Mckay. Try some other combinations of the same symbols.

MCKAY: Are you joking? Do you know how long that would take?

BOB: He’s right. There’s 720 possible gate addresses.

MCKAY: It’s a waste of time.

KOLYA: You said the address was the location of the ninth stone.

MCKAY: It has to be, but the puzzle is 10000 years old, maybe the gate doesn’t exist anymore. Look back in the milky way some cultures actually bury their gates, or render them useless

BOB: What about something else? What if these aren’t Stargate symbols?

MCKAY: *pulls out etching of stones.* look at them. What else would they be huh?

ALINA: Actually these symbols may not be gate related.

MCKAY: Really? What are you thinking?

SCENE: Atlantis, control room and in the air on jumpers.

ZELENKA: Gentlemen you should have visual in 30 seconds.

BATES: Are you ready?

BECKETT: No I’m not ready.

BATES: You’re gonna do fine.

BECKETT: Is fine going to be good enough?

ZELENKA: Its coming right at you.

BECKETT: *They look to screen, just a clouded sky* Do you see it yet?

BATES: Not yet I can’t see it anywhere

Shot of dart speeding toward them, it shoots destroying one of the jumpers.

BATES: Atlantis Malcolm and smith have been taken out.

BECKETT: It’s headed for the city.

Two jumpers do an about turn

SCENE: Monastery.

ALINA: This monastery is where the fifteen priests of the brotherhood use to live. The mural here is a map. A lay out of sudaria as it was in their time. I should of thought of this before. See the sudarians worshipped the atlantian ancestors, the Stargate was considered a sacred portal and it’s symbols religious icons. All 36 gate symbols are incorporated.

MCKAY: So connect the symbols of the stones…

BOB: …And you should be able to triangulate where the centre stone is buried.

MCKAY: *To alina* You’re a genius.

ALINA: Thank you Rodney.

KOLYA: Yes. Ok we’re all very impressed but lets get on with it huh?

SCENE: Shot of the airman, on balcony weapons raised as dart zips past, jumpers on its tail.

BATES: Shoot it down!

Dart zips round city

BECKETT: It’s right in the middle of the city. I don’t have a clean shot.

The dart shines down its light thing .

WEIR: Whats it doing?

ZELENKA: Its scanning us.

SCENE: Monastery

MCKAY: *sets up some lasers, according to symbols, a triangle shape made* huh?

ALINA: I was hoping it would narrow it down a little more.

MCKAY: Well…it was worth a shot.

KOLYA: How big an area does that represent on the map?

ALINA: Several square miles

MCKAY: Hold on a second. That’s part of their symbol. *Pulls up another laser*

ALINA: The mark of the fifteen. Yes.

KOLYA: What?

MCKAY: It’s a fifteen line symbol.

ALINA: Nine lines on the outside.

MCKAY: Representing the stone carries.

ALINA: Six on the inside.

MCKAY: Representing the five protectors and the master handler.

KOLYA: Do you know where that is?

ALINA: Yes I could take you there.

MCKAY: Hold on a sec…

SCENE: Dart flies through air still scanning, before taking a sharp ascent.

BECKETT: Hold Tight! One. More. Second.

The dart explodes before their eyes.

BATES: Yes!!

BECKETT: We didn’t do that. At least I don’t think we did.

BATES: Well what ever happened its dead. (on radio) Atlantis we have a kill

WEIR: Good news Jumper two. Now head on home.

SCENE: Monastery,

MCKAY: Someone give me a knife *Kolya and Bob give him a ‘yeah right’ look* you all have guns. Someone give me a knife. *clicks his fingers*

KOLYA: Go on.

Bob hands mckay a knife, He takes it to the mural

ALINA: *Gasps* Rodney!

MCKAY: It’s not a map to where the centre stone is. It is where the centre stone is. Look *he unwedges a hole where the lines meet, pulls off the top and takes out the stone* we have all the pieces

KOLYA: Congratulations Dr Mckay. You may live yet.

SCENE: Underground,

SHEPPARD: This is pointless. No trapdoors or hidden passage ways *Teyla is supporting ford, helps him to a wall, so he can rst*

FORD: They’re may be more than one way in here major.

SHEPPARD: You try and hide a chamber you don’t put a bunch of entrances and exits all over the damn place.

FORD: You rather just sit here and wait for them to come back?

SHEPPARD: What you got that we can use? *pulls out bag, Ford checking pockets, Teyla moves to her ankle* a couple of MREs, some ammo, some mint supplies. *Teyla pulls out a knife* That’s a start.

FORD: I got a couple of flash blanks, I think that’s about it though

TEYLA: Flash blanks?

FORD: Well…kinda like grenades. Pull the pin, press the trigger, once you let the spool pop you’ve got about 1.5 seconds before the rooms filled with 2.4 million candle power and a bang thats radiated at 175 decibles

SHEPPARD: it will stun anyone with they’re Eyes and ears open for about 10 seconds

Sheppard moves over to a corner dusting the ground

FORD: what are you doing? What you gonna dig us out of here?

SHEPPARD: Yeah Something like that. Come over here and give me a hand.

SCENE: Walking back to underground Chamber

MCKAY: Hey. You want sora back? Is that what this is about?

KOLYA: Sora knew what she was doing. More so than most of the men. Beides the jenai do not make deals with terrorists.

MCKAY: Terrorists? You attacked us!

KOLYA: After you ambushed us on our own world.

MCKAY: This is crazy. We’re both just trying to protect our people.

KOLYA: That is correct. But if making your people the target buys my people more time. It will have been worth it

MCKAY: Listen--

KOLYA: I don’t want to discuss it any further doctor. Find the ZPM and you can all return to Atlantis. Fail and the deals off.

SCENE: Atlantis

WEIR: So what happened out there?

BATES: As soon as we had a clean shot, it self destructed

WEIR: Why?

BATES: Ma’am I have no idea. I don’t think it came here to fight. It didn’t seem that interested in the jumpers until we blocked its way to the city.

ZELENKA: Darts are not long range fighters. The fact it came so far alone…it was a scout.

WEIR: But why would it self destruct. Scouts are meant to relay information.

ZELENKA: But it did relay information. Look. *pulls up laptop.* Just before….it exploded. The dart was transmitting data.

WEIR: I don’t suppose you could…

ZELENKA: Not any time soon at least.

BATES: Can we determine where it was sending it

ZELENKA: I could direct long range sensors to that area. See what shows up. Give me a couple of hours? *weir nods*

SCENE: Underground Chamber, ford, Teyla and Sheppard are on they’re knees hands behind they’re heads.

MCKAY: I just assume that we put the stones on the pedal stool, someone put their hands on the palm prints and hopefully we will get the ZedPM. The question is what order do we put the stones in?

BOB: I think it’s pretty straight forward.

MCKAY: Well nothing’s been straight forward yet. What makes you think this would be?

BOB: The last stone is the only one with grooves that match the centre position.


BOB: So it fits snugly into place, complete the pattern get the ZPM. *steps forward* Why would they continue to play games at this point?

MCKAY: I really don’t think you understand how these people thought.

KOLYA: Mckay. Stop stalling

MCKAY: I’m not stalling I just think we need to consider the fact…

KOLYA: Bob. Arrange the stones and retrieve the ZPM please.

Bob takes the stone off mckay, puts it in place, puts his hand on the palm prints and clamps close on his arms.

KOLYA: Mckay!

MCKAY: What do you want me to do?

BOB: *the clamps come off, he turns over his hands and on them is the symbol of the brotherhood* what’s this? *he falls*

KOLYA: He’s dead. *Gets up* you knew this would happen.

MCKAY: Yes yes I did. In fact I was in the middle of telling you as much when you ordered him to activate the pedalstool. Look you killed him not me!

KOLYA: *quiet, looks at pedalstal* what is the correct order of the stones?

MCKAY: Not sure yet.

KOLYA: *walks over to other three* well you have four chances to get it right. *to sheppard* you go first.

SCENE: Sheppard is placing the stones mckay watching.

SHEPPARD: Anytime you want to start ah…

MCKAY: I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking….

SHEPPARD: Alright. We tried 1 to 9.

MCKAY: Thank you yes.

SHEPPARD: Well how about 9 to 1?

MCKAY: Well possibly. Look Pranes was right. The centre stone is the only one that locks into place, all the others must move around it. I’m just trying to think of a combination that makes sense with 5 in the middle.

SHEPPARD: 15. it’s got to be something to do with 15. or…9 or…5…

MCKAY: Shut up please. I’m trying to think.

SHEPPARD: Don’t tell me to shut up rodney. My life’s at stake

MCKAY: Exactly so simmer down and let me save it

SHEPPARD: Heard the term two heads are better than one?

MCKAY: It’s a common misconception

SHEPPARD: *to Kolya* Give me the gun. I’ll shoot him myself.

KOLYA: This is taking too long. Choose and go.

MCKAY: You got somewhere you got to be?

KOLYA: Choose and go

MCKAY: I got nothing.

SHEPPARD: Thanks for the pep talk.

MCKAY: 9 to 1 that’s all I can think off.

SHEPPARD: Alright. Step back.

MCKAY: I’m sorry.

SHEPPARD: I’m not dead yet

MCKAY: Yeah sorry. *moves away*

KOLYA: Major now.

Sheppard, looks at the others…

SHEPPARD: I got it!

MCKAY: What?

SHEPPARD: The brotherhood of fifteen

MCKAY: What about it?

SHEPPARD: The numbers 1 to 9 have been put in 3 by 3 grids with fifteen in every direction.

MCKAY: *looking at pedalstool* oh You’re right…how’d you know that?

SHEPPARD: It was on the mensa test

MCKAY: You’re a member of mensa?

SHEPPARD: No I took the test. *grins*

MCKAY: *disbelieving* When?

SHEPPARD: You wanna talk about this now rodney?

MCKAY: Right right… *looks at Kolya* okay.

They move the stones calculating


MCKAY: 7, 5, 3 ,6 1 8. That’s it. That’s got to be it

KOLYA: Good luck

Sheppard swallows, moves hands to palm inmprints, the Zpm comes out of the wall in front, kolya walks over, mckay too, sheppard looks to teyla and ford, nods. Ford kicks a flash grenade, the top popping, he and teyla run, covering their ears, sheppard ducks covering his. One of Kolya’s men is killed with Teylas knife. Sheppard attacks kolya attempting to get back P-90. Teyla kills another guard. Ford takes out another.

MCKAY: *Shouting* What the hell just happened!


ALINA: Yes thank you

SHEPPARD: Sorry rodney. I had no way of telling you whats coming.

MCKAY: My eyes. I need my eyes for seeing!!

SHEPPARD: Get the ZPM rodney.

MCKAY: It’s a small miracle I can still make out its shape of the whole thing

Kolya watches as Mckay removes ZPM.

MCKAY: Don’t look at me!

SHEPPARD: Alright we’re getting out of here! We’ll send a villager to pick you up in about an hour.

KOLYA: The smart thing would be to kill me now.

SHEPPARD: *Walks over, gun raised at his head, cocks it* you’re right. I’ll tell you what…I’m gonna want points for this in the future. But if you ever do this again I will kill you. Deal?

Ford goes up first. Teyla hauling him up.

SHEPPARD: We good?

MCKAY: Yeah as far as I can see!!

SHEPPARD: Lets move out.

MCKAY: I can’t believe you never mentioned the mensa thing.

SHEPPARD: I did the test, I never joined.

MCKAY: But you passed?


MCKAY: Well you know we have we have a chapter on Atlantis you should--

SHEPPARD: Rodney. Rodney up the wrote.

SCENE: Walking along street

FORD: I thought we’d never find one of those things

SHEPPARD: I’m gonna sleep pretty soundly tonight.

MCKAY: Not me. I’m gonna be up all night. Getting every system I can online. *runs ahead* Alina. *walks next to her* I don’t think we’ll ever be able to properly repay you for this

ALINA: You won’t have to *Stops turns, behind her all the villagers rise with weapons.*

MCKAY: I’m sorry?

SHEPPARD: Alright alright easy…

MCKAY: Alina? You’re involved with the jenai?

ALINA: This has nothing to do with the jenai. I’m a member of the new brotherhood.

MCKAY: Then what is this about?

ALINA: Ten generations ago after a severe culling the brotherhood was destroyed. Many of us found their writings and decided to complete the task handed down to us by the ancestors. I am the new master handler. We thank you for helping us find the potentia but it must go into hiding again

SHEPPARD: We come from the city of ancestors, that ZPM was intended for us.

ALINA: No. you live in Atlantis but you are not the ancestors.

SHEPPARD: *looks at Mckay* what’d you tell her?

MCKAY: Atlantis might fall, If we don’t take this back. And it would serve no purpose. You really think the ancestors would of wanted that?

ALINA: None of us can know their plan.

SHEPPARD: They don’t have a plan. You think getting attacked by the wraith and getting chased out of the galaxy’s something they planned for?

MCKAY: Alina. You’re far to smart to think that---

ALINA: The potentia will be put into hiding on another world *steps forward taking the ZPM of Mckay* when the ancestors return our people will be greatly rewarded.

MCKAY: Alina you can’t believe that. Look come back with us. Let me prove it to you.

ALINA: *shakes head* this is how it must be. *slightly upset* Now it is time for you to leave *leaves*

SCENE: Gateroom, walking up steps to control room

WEIR: Did you try to explain—

MCKAY: I tried. believe me. we tried.

WEIR: We could of used it.

SHEPPARD: Of course we could of.

WEIR: No you don’t understand. While you were offworld a wraith dart flew over our city.

SHEPPARD: I’m sorry

WEIR: We lost a jumper along with malcolm and smith

SHEPPARD: We what?

WEIR: And it scanned us.

SHEPPARD: We just lost two of my men and a jumper and this is the first time I’m hearing about it?

WEIR: I tried to reach you but you’ve been out of radio contact for over 12 hours. Now the dart sent a message deep into space and then it self destructed before we could get to it.

ZELENKA: We scanned the area with our deep space sensors and then—

MCKAY: We have deep space sensors?

ZELENKA: Yeah. It’s a long story.

WEIR: And we found something else. Rather unsettling.

SHEPPARD: I’m already unsettled. Show me

Zelenka taps away and screen lights up showing three large dots.

MCKAY: What are those?

ZELENKA: Wraith hive ships. Three of them. The system analysis shows that—

SHEPPARD: Wait. Where are they headed?

WEIR: If they maintain direction and speed, they’ll be over our planet within two weeks.

All stare afraid and shocked, last shot of screen.