111 The Eye

Transcript by Tara

Writer: Martin Gero Director: Martin wood

Starring: Joe Flanigan as Major John Sheppard

Torri Higginson as DR. Elizabeth Weir

David Hewlett as DR. Rodney McKay

Rainbow Sun Francks as Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan

Guest Starring: Robert Davi Erin Chambers Paul McGillion Ryan Robbins


RAINBOW: Previously on Atlantis:

Sheppard looks up from his controls and sees a huge black storm cloud in the distance.

SHEPPARD: That *can't* be a storm – it stretches across the whole horizon.

Shot of the planet, lots of cloud.

SHEPPARD: This must cover 20% of the planet.

Switches to the conference room.

MCKAY: If you want everyone to live, you gate them off world.

On Genii home world.

COWEN: Within the next hour there will be less than ten people on Atlantis. We cannot afford to pass up this opportunity.

To control room. Mckay and Zelenka rush up.

MCKAY: What is the one thing keeping us from having a shield?

WEIR: err…

MCKAY: Electricity.

ZELENKA: Atlantis is designed to withstand substantial lightning strikes. There are lightning rods all over the city.

McKay: If we were to disable the grounding stations that could conceivably be used to charge up the shield generators.

Shot of Jumper in storm

FORD: We decided to wait out the storm in the Jumper.

Gateroom, several people dressed in cloaks come through the Gate. One of them is Sora. Two men are carrying someone on a stretcher who is covered with a blanket. Its Kolya, he rolls off the stretcher and shoots the two guards with a pistol.

Shot of weir and Mckay being grabbed as they enter gateroom

SHEPPARD: (on a jumper,) From what I can ascertain, a small Genii strike force has gated in.

WEIR: Why are you doing this?

KOLYA: You're in possession of (shot of his men checking out armory) supplies we vitally need. C4 explosive, all of your medical supplies. As of right now, we are in control of Atlantis.

Shot of Kolya talking into radio pistol aimed at Weir.

KOLYA: Say goodbye to Doctor Weir.

RAINBOW: And now the conclusion

SCENE: Control room, and Sheppard on the Grounding Station 3

Kolya has pistol pointed at weir, she's afraid.

SHEPPARD: Kolya!! (shot moves back to control room, heard over radio) Kolya! Don't do this!!

WEIR: How is this going to help you get what you want?

KOLYA: Sheppard put you in this position not me.

MCKAY: *stepping in front of weir, pistol on him* You can't do this. This is crazy. You need her.

SORA: She's right! Commander.

MCKAY: I'm not kidding there are codes required to activate the shields. Codes that only she knows! You can't do it without her. *realizes what he's done and pistol is on him, raises hands* well you can't do this without me either. I mean… we're a package deal… You take us out of the equations and… and… and… and you don't have an endgame. *Genii don't understand* erm…granted…that's a chess term… I'm I'm…my point is…we're the only ones who can fix the grounding station, we're the only ones who can activate the shields, we're the only ones who can solve problems that I can't even think of yet…!! You kill either one of us and you don't get what you want!! *Kolya starts to lower pistol* that's how important we are…its impor---

WEIR: Rodney…Rodney he gets it…

MCKAY: Oh…*Kolya walks off, turns to Sora* I appreciate--

SORA: You're an asset we need to complete this mission. *leaves*

WEIR: You stood in front of a gun for me…

MCKAY: *holding arm* Don't thank me just yet…We have two and a half hours til the storm hits and unless are luck changes drastically. The city is going to be obliterated. *weir closes eyes looks away*

Shot of the Rapid waters In the Storm

SCENE: Weirs office. And Sheppard on grounding station

KOYLA: *Sits thinking, picks up radio* Major Sheppard…How's this for credibility? Weir is dead.

SHEPPARD: *takes a deep breath* Slowly pronouncing each word* I. am. Going. To. Kill. You.

KOLYA: Maybe…stay out of my way. Or Mckay will join her.

Sheppard, gripping watch/radio…clenches jaw. Staring out at storm. <very sexy wet> takes a deep breath. Heads off.


Shot of Atlantis, storm approaching.

LADEN: This is amazing. *messing with computer having figured it out.* There you are. *an officer steps forward. Laden points at board* we're here *points at loads of dots*. Take two men…head there *to one dot* four levels down. At Sheppard.

OFFICER: *Sora walks in* Yes sir. *walks off* You with me.

LADEN: He's heading out of the hallways

SCENE: Sheppard walking downstairs, reading his palm scanner P-90 Raised.

SCENE: Puddle Jumper in storm. A tree falls down in front of them

FORD: Holy---!!

BECKETT: Right that's it! *gets up, turns something*

FORD: What are you doing man?

BECKETT: Adding weight to the puddle jumper by resetting its inertial dampeners.

FORD: Don't screw with those controls we're heavy enough.

BECKETT: Can't be too careful

FORD: yes you can. You can be way too careful. There's no chance we're going to blow away here. Let it go

BECKETT: That should be enough. *sits back down*

TEYLA: How much longer until the storm passes?

BECKETT: I guess we're barely halfway through. But there's no way to tell…

FORD: *Teyla and ford share a look* I know. I hope they're ok too.

SCENE: Sheppard walking down corridor. It's empty. looks at palm scanner…rushes off.

SCENE: Puddle Jumper. storm calms sunlight can be seen.

BECKETT: What's this then?

FORD: We're through?

BECKETT: It can't be. It's not possible…

SCENE: Between control room and Sheppard in empty corridor. Sheppard, walks into room, weapon raised palm scanner in front, looks one way then heads the other. Slows, palm scanner beeps a bit.

LADEN: He's moving…*see blinking dot move*

OFFICER: Are you sure we're on the right levels?

Sheppard's palm scanner shows guys, he's right above them.

OFFICER: Where did he go?

LADEN: Shh he can probably hear your stupid questions.

Sheppard sets of two smoke grenades. Moving off.

SCENE: Grounding Station 3. Mckay, weir and Kolya.

MCKAY: *walks over to control panel* Oh would you look at this?! That is just never going to be useful again. *pulls off panel* I should be able to bypass the switching station entirely.

KOLYA: Good. how long?

MCKAY: It's not half as bad as it looks… I'd say 15-20 minutes tops.

KOLYA: Do it.

MCKAY: Dr Weir I need you too…*waves*

WEIR: Right of course…*bends down with torch*

MCKAY: Keep that there.

SCENE: Sheppard running stops, looks at palm scanner moves off into room. Sets of another smoke grenade.

SCENE: Puddle Jumper.

Ford, Teyla and Beckett walk out looking up

FORD: We're in the eye.

BECKETT: Right has to be…

TEYLA: The eye?

BECKETT: Dead centre of the storm. Storm swirls around a 20 to 40 kilometer area.

TEYLA: Then this calm will not last

BECKETT: No in fact…in about 10 minutes. It's going to get very ugly again.

FORD: Then come on we have to help the major *goes to run in, Becket grabs him*

BECKETT: Aye. We can take off…but landings twice as hard, believe me. What if the storm has reached Atlantis?

FORD: Has it?

BECKETT: Not just yet but it will any time now…

FORD: Stop wasting time


FORD: Go go go go

BECKETT: We still have to fly straight through the storm ltd…its insanity

FORD: Its not insanity. This is a spaceship. We can fly up and over.

BECKETT: What straight up and down?

FORD: straight up and down.

BECKETT: I'm a bloody medical doctor not a magician.

FORD: You can do it.

BECKETT: Teyla?!

TEYLA: If we can help we must.

BECKETT: Oh * turns to controls* aww crap.

SCENE: Control room and the room Sheppard's in.

LADEN: 20 feet away…*shot of guys moving through smoke.* 5 feet

OFFICER: There's so much smoke….*moving* which way?

The dots on the screen are all nearly on top of each other.

LADEN: You're right on top of him…

OFFICER: Yeah? I think I would see him if I was.

Shot back to Laden as gunfire sounds over the radio.

LADEN: Stand by

Shot of the three guys looking around through Smoke, above them lightning strikes and we see Sheppard up above them waiting. ( out to kill:P )

LADEN: Do you see him? (no reply) Did you get him? (no reply) respond.

On the screen three dots disappear leaving one.

SCENE: Grounding station 3

SORA: (on radio) Commander.

KOLYA: Yes Sora?

SORA: (on radio) Laden has been leading three of our men on a reconnaissance mission. It seems Major Sheppard has killed three more of our strike team.

McKay's ears perk up…

KOLYA: Tell everyone to fall back to the control room

SORA: (on radio) Right away sir

Kolya moves off a bit.

WEIR: Why did ya tell him you could have this fixed in 15 to 20 minutes?!

MCKAY: Oh I don't know…*stands, weir following* maybe…uh…So He Wouldn't kill us!

WEIR: I understand that. But once the shield is operational, we won't be very useful now will we?

MCKAY: Why did you let me tell him I could fix it in 15 to 20---

WEIR: You'll just have to stall him some more.

MCKAY: Well, I just told him how long it will take.

WEIR: Well find another problem with it! I…tell him that the power- loop interface isn't jiving with your walkabout! Something!

MCKAY: Isn't Jiving?!

WEIR: Rodney You get my point! Look…from the sounds of it…if we can buy Sheppard enough time it seems he can take care of the rest of them on his own.

Kolya makes his way back talking on radio.

KOLYA: Radio Chief Cowen, tell them to send reinforcements. A full company. *to weir and McKay* If You're hoping major Sheppard can diminish our numbers, you are mistaken

SCENE: Sheppard runs down corridor stops.

SHEPPARD: Okay what would Mckay do? *has an idea*

SCENE: Jumper, in the storm. Jumper at a steep angle

FORD: AHhhh You're coming in a little steep Doc…

BECKETT: Thank you lt. I'm very aware of that

I told you not to play with the inertial dampeners.

I'm pretty sure I got them back the way they were. Why don't you try to contact the Major?

First you got to get us in there.

SCENE: The control room, Grounding station 3 and In a room where one of the Naquada reactors that help power the city are. There's a sign up.

`Really Really Dangerous Don't Touch Mckay'

Sheppard, stops reading sign, gives it a look and then looks at reactor.

In the control room, Sora and Laden are watching the dot that is Sheppard on the screen.

LADEN: What are you up to?

Sheppard pulls out what a part of the reactor. The lights in the control room go out and secondary systems go down.

SORA: What's he done now? *pulls out torch*

LADEN: I should have seen this coming, *walks over to check what's working*

SORA: Commander Major Sheppard has cut power to the control room

KOLYA: How?!

LADEN: looks like Atlantis is being powered by five small Generators. Each responsible for a separate area of the city…Major Sheppard has just disabled the one generator that powers Stargate operations in this tower. Now we still have most primary operations. We have definitely lost all secondary systems

KOLYA: Can you still track Sheppard.


KOLYA: Then we have no Idea where he is now. * Weir and Mckay continue working listening*

SCENE: Sheppard get onto a transporter. He's listening to everything on radio.

KOLYA: Is the control room secure?

SORA: Yes commander. I suggest we send some men to guard the remaining generators.

KOLYA: *Sheppard gets out of transporter watching…moving on*No…He's trying to divide us into manageable numbers. Just close Stargate operations until the reinforcements arrive *shots of Mckay working*

SORA: Understood.

SCENE: Grounding station 3

MCKAY: If he asks what's taking so long…you have to do all the talking ok?

WEIR: You'll be fine

MCKAY: No no I won't…I'm a terrible bluffer. I've lost fortunes in poker. Look my eye twitches. I laugh inappropriately. It's not pretty.

KOLYA: What's our progress?! *Mckay Jumps*

WEIR: We've hit a small snag. *they get up* We just running a diagnosis to make sure we can interface our codes properly. *Kolya looks at Mckay*

MCKAY: It's a small snag. Small snag. It's like Half an hour at the most. *what little light was on goes out*

LADEN: Commander. Major Sheppard has just disabled another generator.

KOLYA: Yes Laden, we're aware of that. He's cut the power to grounding station three. *To Mckay* Can it still be repaired?

MCKAY: *bends down* without power? No.

KOLYA: *Paces* Can the plan be completed without it? The other three grounding stations have been disabled.

MCKAY: No. No *gets up* It's just no good enough! Look by uncoupling the grounding stations it means that when lighting strikes the city… the electricity will have no where to go! Now if we can channel the electricity properly to the conduits that mine the city corridors we should be able to power the shield. Temporarily. But if any of these grounding stations are left active a sizable amount of electricity will find its way to ground and no shield.

Shot of the city in the storm.

SCENE: Control room and grounding station 3.

SORA: Commander the storm is not slowing its pace…we have little time to get the shields activated…we should re-evaluate our goal… perhaps-

KOLYA: We still have more than enough time to complete our objectives.

SORA: Then I must strongly advise that we send men down to repair the deactivated generators and to guard the remaining active ones.

KOLYA: Agreed. Teams of two. But I want you to watch over the control room. As soon as the reinforcements arrive have them take Sheppard with overwhelming force.

SORA: Understood.

MCKAY: Perhaps we could be under shelter while we wait…I'm liable to catch a cold like that. *Kolya gives him a look* I take it that's a no?

SCENE: Jumper bay, Jumper opens Teyla and ford come and secure area. A girl tries to leave Teyla stops her.

TEYLA: Remain here and be still. I will return for you.

BECKETT: *Walks out* where are we going?

FORD: Armory

BECKETT: Are you sure that what we sh--

FORD: you not you're always saying that you're not military. You don't have to take orders.


FORD: *hands him P90* Now you do,

BECKETT: So long as it's temporary. *they move out, dropping down to crouch watching* should we try and contact the Major now?

TEYLA: The Genii maybe monitoring our frequencies…we don't not want to alert them off our presence.

Ford pulls out a palm scanner handing it to Beckett.

FORD: Life signs detector.

BECKETT: These wee dots don't tell us much about whose who… How do we know which one's the Major?

FORD: He'll be the dot getting rid of the other dots.

BECKETT: Great. *they move out again. Ford taking point and Teyla covering there six*

A shot of the men guarding the reactors and then a shot of the storm and the city.

SCENE: Control room

SORA: How many should we expect?

LADEN: A full company…60 or more…*gets up, moving to look at gate* I don't know how we were expected to take a facility this size with any less.

SORA: It was suppose to be a raid to retrieve what was rightfully ours. *gate activates* With me come on *the only two other guards follow her to gateroom, Laden staying behind*

LADEN: Reinforcements are arriving now, commander. *Two guards come through*

KOLYA: Have them secure Stargate operations and report back to me.

LADEN: Yes commander

Laden turns and Sheppard appears in front of him, knocking him out with a punch. He hurries to controls activating shield/iris. Three more men make it through before it shuts, the shield flashes as the men hit it dieing.

SORA: *looks up* Shut it off laden! *sees Sheppard* Stop him!

OFFICER: Up there. *Sheppard, runs firing blindly into gateroom* Get him.

SORA: This is Sora. Stop sending the reinforcements. The Stargate shield has been raised! *flashes continue, as she rushes up to control room*

SCENE: Between control room and grounding station 3

SORA: (on radio to Kolya) Sheppard has raised the gate shield

KOLYA: Shut it down. Turn it off.

SORA: I don't know how. Laden is unconscious.

KOLYA: *to McKay* Tell her the procedure!

MCKAY: *backs away* I don't know what he's done…

KOLYA: Tell her!

MCKAY: He must have entered his own personal command code.

KOLYA: *Holding McKay just by balcony edge* What is it?

MCKAY: I don't know!

WEIR: Only Sheppard would know it!

MCKAY: Trust me I'm not that brave. I would help you if I could,

KOLYA: *to weir* You have command codes!

Gate shuts down.

SORA: It's no use it's over. The gate has shut down…there are no more men coming.

KOLYA: How many men made it?

SORA: Five. 5 of 60.

Kolya pushes McKay further back. Weir grabbing at his arms.

MCKAY: You still need me if you want this city! You still need both of us.

Kolya lets go and walks off. Weir glances over edge, storm getting worse.

SCENE: Control room and grounding station.

LADEN: He's entered some kind of security code to lock down the gate. Just give me some time. I should be able to crack it.

SORA: Do it. Command. Laden thinks he can have the gate fixed.

KOLYA: Did athors son make it through the gate?

SORA: I'm sorry?

KOLYA: His name is Idos. Did he make it?

SORA: No sir. *weir and McKay listen sitting on steps.*

KOLYA: Over sixty men killed!

SORA: Defending his home and his people commander. As we would.

KOLYA: When can more reinforcements be sent?

SORA: It will take time. Perhaps an hour.

KOLYA: Unacceptable.

SORA: Yes commander it is unacceptable, because by then we will be in the full force of the storm

MCKAY: Probably sooner!

KOLYA: *looks around then at weir*

SCENE: Sheppard in a corridor, watching one of the guards, Ford, Teyla and Beckett enter corridor toward armory.

KOLYA: (On radio) Major Sheppard. I have a proposition for you. *Sheppard moves to stairwell so guards won't hear him*

FORD: You recognize that voice?


SCENE: Grounding station 3, Sheppard walking down stairs.

SHEPPARD: Kolya, I'm having a hard time keeping up…what's the score again?

KOLYA: My men have informed me that not only have you disabled some crucial generators…but you've stolen key components that make it impossible to be restored.

SHEPPARD: Yeah I did that

KOLYA: There are two flaws in your plan.

SHEPPARD: Always open to constructive criticism

KOLYA: One. The assumption that I would believe you would rather destroy the city than let it fall to us…is childish.

SHEPPARD: Doesn't sound like me.

KOLYA: Second. If and when I determine Atlantis unsalvageable. Doctors Weir and McKay become obsolete.

SHEPPARD: *stops walking down steps*……Weirs alive??!

KOLYA: Doctor McKay was able to make a strong case for keeping her alive…

SHEPPARD: Let me talk to her.

KOLYA: *looks at weir, walks over, she stands*

WEIR: Sheppard! We're both here!

SHEPPARD: *relieved* It's good to hear you're voice

WEIR: Yeah it's good to hear

KOLYA: We have less than one hour until the storm hits full force. If the power is not returned to grounding station three within the next 10 minutes Dr Weir dies.

SHEPPARD: Again you mean?

KOLYA: Her death will buy you another 10 minutes. After which should the power still be out. Dr McKay Dies. We will then leave with what we can, and the city will be destroyed.

SHEPPARD: Well that's not enough time!

KOLYA: If you don't mind destroying Atlantis, stay where you are for the next 20 minutes. Starting now.

Sheppard runs downstairs

SCENE: Armory

FORD: Don't load up so much. It will slow you down. Two extra magazines each *pulls them out handing them each one, picks up wraith stun gun*

BECKETT: What you need that for?

FORD: Anything I see moving is gonna get shot.

BECKETT: So what if it's the Major?

FORD: Then he'll get hit with a wraith stunner instead of a P-90.

BECKETT: What if he sees us first?

FORD: He'll probably hear you first.

BECKETT: Are you telling me to shut up again?

FORD: Again. *gives him a look*


Ford: *grabs a few more magazines, walks out* let's go.

TEYLA: *looks at map, to Beckett* which naquada generator would power the third grounding station?

BECKETT: You're asking me?

FORD: Which ever one it is…it's gonna be an ambush. We've got to be there.

BECKETT: *points to map* there's one here.

FORD: Is that a guess?

BECKETT: Aye but it makes sense.

FORD: It's the closest. Alright I'll take point. Teyla you're on our six. You don't open your mouth until I say so. Only shoot at what I tell you to shoot at.

BECKETT: Don't be so bloody pushy.

FORD: That's an order.

SCENE: Walks down corridor, palm scanner bleeps ducks into a room as two guards pass by, moves off again. Enters generator room, pulling out the component needed, Connects wires and then…

GUARD: Stop! *two guards appear, guns raised at his back*

SHEPPARD: Look you're boss wanted me to turn this thing back on…so I think we should do what he says.

GUARD: be quiet. Sora we have him.

SORA: Keep him alive. I'm on my way.

SCENE: Ford, Teyla and Beckett head to generator it's on and unguarded.

BECKETT: Is it the wrong one?

FORD: Yeah I'd say so *gives Beckett a look*

BECKETT: Oh don't you blame me for this *Teyla carries on watching their six* I'm not an engineer I really only have a basic understanding of how Rodney and his team configure the power so don't expect me to---

FORD: You just can't stop talking can you? Can't help yourself…No matter what I say…you—

BECKETT: Aye and you're such a nice young lad. Until you're put in charge You cheeky little bugger.

TEYLA: Wait! What if this is the right station and the major has not made it back yet?

BECKETT: She's right *they look round*

FORD: No…No this ones working.

TEYLA: How much time?

FORD: Two minutes. There's five generators…if it's not this one. Can't be the one that powers the control tower. That leaves three… we've got a one in three chance of guessing the right one.

BECKETT: Even so…we may be walking into the very ambush we're trying to save him from.

TEYLA: We are not far from the transporter are any of the generators near a transporter station?

BECKETT: Aye. There's two.

FORD: Well let's go.

they move out to a transporter, Beckett looks at map.

BECKETT: okay now…if I remember correctly…

FORD: remember correctly!

BECKETT: I think they're here and here.

FORD: Which one are you sure is next to a power generator?

BECKETT: Okay just give me a moment.

FORD: No moments. Just Pick one

BECKETT: I'm the one you're gonna blame if it's wrong.

FORD: We have to go now.

Beckett picks one, turns taking a deep breath, doors shut.

SCENE: The generator for grounding station 3

SHEPPARD: I don't mean to be a bad prisoner or anything but Kolya is going to kill one of my people if I don't get this thing back on in time so—

GUARD: Turn around.

Sheppard stands and turns to them hands raised, Lightning strikes and behind the two guards are Ford, Teyla and Beckett.

SHEPPARD: You turn around.

GUARD: What?

SHEPPARD: If I have to turn around, you should turn around.

Ford shoots the two guards with the stunner, they fall.

SHEPPARD: *turns back to Generator* What the hell took you guys so long?

FORD: Well there's a storm…---

SHEPPARD: Just hold that thought *insert component.*

SCENE: Grounding station 3. The power comes on. McKay's hugging weir….both trying to keep warm

KOLYA: It seems major Sheppard wants you to live. Let's get back to work.

They get up walking over to start working again.

SCENE: Sora walking down corridor, hears voices

FORD: You ok sir?

SHEPPARD: I've been better…I've been worse. My shoulders a little sore.

BECKETT: You want me to take a look at that?

SHAPPARD: Take a rain check doc.

TEYLA: We should leave this area more Genii will be on their way.

BECKETT: I couldn't agree more. *they move out. Sora following*

McKay fixes last wire, both stand.

MCKAY: If this doesn't work

WEIR: It will

MCKAY: I'm just saying if it doesn't work…

WEIR: It will

MCKAY: I'm sure it will! But in the unlikely event that it doesn't I- --

WEIR: Rodney! Please.

Moves crystal accordingly…the thing disconnects.

KOLYA: Fantastic.

MCKAY: Oh thank god.

SCENE: Foursome Walking down corridor sora following slowly

SHEPPARD: McKay figures if he can harness the storms lightning he can fire up the shield

BECKETT: this lightning?

FORD: SG teams have done it before to power the Stargate

BECKETT: There's a big difference between powering a star---

FORD: I didn't say you could talk.

SCENE: Grounding station three.

MCKAY: Now I need to run the subroutine that will convince the input buffer to the shield generator to attenuate the raw electricity into useful power. I can only do that from the control room. That's where doctor weirs codes come in.

WEIR: Yes.

KOLYA: Only primary systems are operating. Sheppard has to repair the other generator.

MCKAY: The shields considered a primary system. We're good to go….but we have to go now. I mean now…I mean everybody…all your men.

KOLYA: What does it have to do with my men?

MCKAY: Now that the grounding station has been deactivated electricity will be free to flow through the conduits that lie in every corridor of the city.

SCENE: Foursome Walking down corridor

BECKETT: What kind of plan is that?

SHAPPARD: A Rodney McKay kind of plan. It's all we got.

FORD: Which means there's only one place to go…

TEYLA: Where the Genii will also be.

SCENE: Grounding station three.

MCKAY: Now the control room and Stargate operations are shielded. But the rest of the city…once lightning starts to hit

SCENE: Foursome Walking down corridor

SHEPPARD: Anybody left in the hallway…is as good as dead *walks up stairs*

SCENE: Control room, weir and Sheppard working at controls, Kolya talking to Sora on radio who's following foursome from a distance quietly down corridor.

KOLYA: Why haven't you responded?

SORA: She's here


SORA: Teyla. She and two others have joined Sheppard.

KOLYA: KOLYA: Why wasn't this reported sooner. Fall back to the control room immediately.

SORA: She's just out of my reach. If I am patient…

KOLYA: I gave you an order

SORA: She left my father for dead

KOLYA: The storm is upon us. The city is no longer safe.

SORA: I don't care.

KOLYA: Fall back. You have my word your father will be avenged.

SORA: By me

KOLYA: Sor---*she turns off the radio*

SCENE: foursome

TEYLA: Will the young hunters in the Jumper be safe

SHEPPARD: Jumper bay is part of Stargate operations so they'll be protected.

FORD: So maybe that's where we should be headed.

SHEPPARD: Once the shield goes up over the city, weir and McKay are expendable to Kolya. We've got to take the control room first.

TEYLA: Would he really kill them because they are of no further use to them?

SHEPPARD: No he'd kill them to punish me. Now here's the deal. Ford and I get into position just below the control room stairs. Teyla and Beckett head for the Jumper bay.

TEYLA: I intend to fight along side you.

SHEPPARD: And I intend you to fight with us, once you get in position lower the ship into the gateroom, open the weapons pods that should create a distraction for ford and me to go in. we take back the control room…get the shield up…city safe…weir and McKay safe. Take the rest of the day off. *Beckett grins*

FORD: Sounds like a plan sir.

SHEPPARD: Stay on channel 2. lets move out *Teyla and Beckett head in opposite direction* You're not gonna need that thing. Shoot to kill. *Ford leaves wraith stunner*

SCENE: Control room

LADEN: The winds are getting stronger and the wave heights are growing.

WEIR: You need to keep stalling.

MCKAY: What for?

WEIR: Major Sheppard is still out there. If you activate—

KOLYA: Now McKay!

MCKAY: It's done. Dr weir I need to enter your codes now

WEIR: Yes of course. 7 9 4 2 1


WEIR: 0 3 2 4 5

MCKAY: And the second sequence?

WEIR: *Gives him a look*

SCENE: Teyla and Beckett making way to jumper bay.

BECKETT: I'll be glad when this following orders business is over---- *knocked out by the butt of Sora's pistol.*

SORA: *Teyla and Sora aim their weapons at each other* Drop it. *points at Beckett* I'll kill him *Teyla puts down weapon sora throws her own* I would hate to kill you so quickly.

TEYLA: *they move further into room* I have known you for most of your life, why are you doing this?

SORA: *pulls out knife* You left him to die.

TEYLA: Your father killed an innocent. He alerted the wraith to our presence.

SORA: And you escaped!

TEYLA: If I am to die by your hands Sora. I die knowing there's nothing I could have done to have saved Tirus.

SCENE: Sheppard and Ford, position themselves at the bottom of the stairs to control room.

SHEPPARD: (on radio) We're in position.

FORD: *walks over scanning area* This isn't right.


FORD: Teyla and Beckett should of easily have made it back to the Jumper bay first. They should have been waiting for us…

SHEPPARD: (on radio) Teyla what's your position? *no answer* Teyla?

SCENE: Teyla and Sora

SORA: *waves knife* This was my fathers! It was handed down from his father.

TEYLA: *pulls own knife out* If you want to fight this way sora…I will win. You will have avenged no one.

SORA: *Gets into fighting stance* we'll see.

Sora throws herself at Teyla, swiping left then right and then left again. Teyla dodges each blow. Teyla finally hits out. A few swift moves and Sora cuts Teyla's arm

SCENE: Control room

KOLYA: Engage the shield

MCKAY: I'm almost finished

LADEN: A massive wave is approaching from the west. Without the shields…


Shot of the storm approaching the city.

MCKAY: We're starting to get hits on the Northern peer routing power to the corridor now. *taps, beep nothing happens* Now. *does it again, nothing happens* now. *and again* Okay this is a problem.

KOLYA: What? *walks over*

MCKAY: Look I told you this was a long shot from the beginning.

LADEN: We already have serious flooding on the north and west peers.

MCKAY: Its no use the city conduits just can't handle this kind of raw power.

WEIR: Is any power getting to shield generator?

MCKAY: Nominal amounts. Nowhere near enough

KOLYA: You said this would work

MCKAY: I don't know if you noticed or not but I'm an extremely arrogant man who tends to think all of his plans will work. *Kolya punches him*

KOLYA: Idiot

WEIR: Hey this was a long shot at best. Why else would we evacuate the city? It was always our intention to dial out in case this didn't work… within in minutes Atlantis will fail. You can leave and survive or you can go down with the city. You choose.

Shot of the storm and the waters raging against the city.

SCENE: Sora kicks out a Teyla but she dodges it and flips sora flat on her back, she then goes to step down on her. But sora shoves it away throwing herself up they circle and attack again. Few kicks and punches. Teyla gets off a good one, and lands a kick in the stomach at Sora. Some fancy defense work by Teyla, but Sora lands one in her face. Teyla cuts Sora's leg, and knocks her arm, Sora gasps in pain as Teyla chucks her up against some boxes and flips her up over the stairs and slows.

SCENE: Control room

MCKAY: We're just not getting enough power to the shield generators.

WEIR: Are you really going to sacrifice the lives of all of your men on the off chance that this city won't be completely destroyed?

KOLYA: open the Stargate, start evacuating the remaining men *McKay sighs in relief, types something on computer*

WEIR: You're making the right decision.

KOLYA: You're coming with us.

WEIR: What?

KOLYA: You'll both serve the Genii as payment for what you've done.

MCKAY: For what we've done? *two men grab him, while another takes weir*

SCENE: Sora is thrown up against more boxes and falls to the ground; she gets up and rushes Teyla who effortlessly throws her. Sora gets up again attacking Teyla who turns her and elbows her in the back.

SCENE: Gateroom. We see guards carrying supplies through the gate

SHEPPARD: Change of plan *moves to a position to rush the gateroom* You get McKay

MCKAY: *walking downstairs gun in his back* Seriously this is a bad idea! You saw what happened to my last plan…this is not what yo---

Sheppard opens fire killing the two guards behind McKay. Kolya grabs weir using her as a shield while McKay runs to safety. Sheppard does a little tumble and shoots another guard as one makes it through the gate, leaving Kolya holding weir and edging to the gate.

SHEPPARD: You're not going anywhere, *kolya edges to gate dragging weir.* I will shoot you if you don't let her go.

KOLYA: And risk hurting Dr. weir?

SHEPPARD: *stands, as kolya keeps moving back* I'm not aiming at her. *fires a single shot, hitting kolya as he falls through the gate releasing weir* Find Teyla and Beckett. Make sure that's all of them. *hurries to Weir as she stands* sorry about that I had to ermm… *quieter* you okay?

WEIR: *shakes head* no

SHEPPARD: You will be come on. *Takes her hand, runs up steps to control room*

SCENE: Control room

FORD: *McKay starts typing again* Wait! *turns from map* what are you doing?

MCKAY: I thought I'd activate the shield and save the day you got something else in mind?

FORD: Teyla and Beckett are still out there

MCKAY: Tracking systems down. There's a tsunami headed towards the city lt. two and a half minutes they're dead.

SHEPPARD: Then give them two minutes

McKay stops waits.

SCENE: Sora stands, Teyla hits her and the goes to swipe with the knife but Sora grabs her hand so she drops the knife into other hand, punching sora and then she just drops the knife. Sora lashes out with her knife, but Teyla grabs her hand and punches her, bringing Sora's knife up to her throat and holding her against a wall

TEYLA: This is not what your father would have wanted. Our people were destined to be allies.

SHEPPARD: (on radio) Teyla and Beckett fall back to the control room

TEYLA: This. Must. End. Now.

SORA: Then end it. *Teyla pulls away knife and lets Sora ago running off, Sora follows*

SCENE: Control room

MCKAY: There's no more time. Either we lose them or we lose the city.

Teyla and Sora enter carrying Beckett.

WEIR: Rodney Go!

MCKAY: Going. *pushes button*

A shot of lighting striking and then the corridors light up like Christmas lights. Outside we see a huge wave headed towards the city.

WEIR: What's happening?

MCKAY: Its working it just needs to build up enough power for the shield generator to activate. wait for it

They wait.

MCKAY: *looks up, sees Beckett* Carson.

BECKETT: Rodney.

MCKAY: Just in time to see how this ends huh?

We get a shot of this wave which is huge - as big as the tallest tower of Atlantis- as it comes closer and closer to the city.


Just as the waves hits the shield activates and the wave passes over it, not touching the city.

WEIR: Nice work Rodney.

MCKAY: Did you ever doubt me?

WEIR: Yes. Several times


SHEPPARD: I see you've made a new friend Teyla. *Teyla gives him a look*

Shot of the city all nice and pretty

SCENE: Gate room, Sheppard and Weir watch from balcony as all the personnel return home.

SHEPPARD: What do you want to do with her?

WEIR: Oh I don't know yet. We'll keep her locked up for the time being. Maybe releasing her to the Genii will help ease tension.

SHEPPARD: You're extremely optimistic you know that? *Rodney walks over, his arm has a dodgy bandage over his jacket*

WEIR: You think so?

MCKAY: Everyone getting back ok?

SHEPPARD: It looks like it.

WEIR: How fairs our city?

MCKAY: Well…we've begun pumping out the lower levels of the east peer which was flooded. There is structural damage but nothing to serious. Beckett suffered from a minor concussion…as for me look at this *show bandage* I had to do this myself. still…on the bright side I've had my first decent meal in 24 hours so…all things considered I'd say we are just fine.

SHEPPARD: You say these things happen every 20 years right?

WEIR: That's what they tell us…

SHEPPARD: How far in advance can we book days off?

Nice zoom out!!

The end!!