Series 1: Episode 6 - "childhood's end"

Transcript by Tara aka Splash

Writer: Martin Gero Director: David Winning

Starring: Joe Flanigan as Major John Sheppard Torri Higginson as DR. Elizabeth Weir David Hewlett as DR. Rodney McKay Rainbow Sun Francks as Lieutenant Aiden Ford Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan

Guest Starring: Courtney J. Stevens Dominic Zamprogna

Shot of Jumper flying over a Planet.

SCENE: Jumper

SHEPPARD: Anything look familiar to you, Teyla?

TEYLA: No, I do not believe this is a world I have visited before.

FORD: Without landmarks how can you tell?

TEYLA: It is difficult by air but every world is unique in its own way.

MCKAY: Hmmm…I've heard a lot of reports from SG teams on missions like this one specifically the mission reports of Colonel Samantha Carter…She and I…worked together to avert global catastrophe a few years back…and she and I…aiiayaya…anyways…what was I saying?

FORD: Mission reports.

MCKAY: Right well apparently there's remarkable similarities between worlds that support life. It makes sense really…for example the… color of the sky is just a product of the…*The Jumper shakes violently then stops* what was that?

FORD: Turbulence?

SHEPPARD: Seems to be okay now. Wonder what that was.

Something appears on the screen.

MCKAY: Getting seriously conflicting readings…looks like some sort of powerful energy field about 2000 yards over there.

SHEPPARD: Over where?

MCKAY: 18 degrees from our current heading.

SHEPPARD: You think it's worth checking out…

MCKAY: Any significant energy emission generally indicates technological civilization…

SHEPPARD: So you thinks its worth checking out.

MCKAY: I'm sorry. Yes. Energy field good. *Jumper shakes* Maybe not.

TEYLA: It's getting worse

SHEPPARD: That's enough…I'm getting out of here...*more shaking* we're not gaining any altitude…controls are unresponsive. *The screen goes off.* Drive just went offline. *a lot more shaking lights go off* we're going in.


Shot of Jumper on ground.

SCENE: Jumper

FORD: Nice landing sir.

SHEPPARD: Thank you

TEYLA: What happened?

MCKAY: He took us too close to the energy field.

SHEPPARD: Whose Idea was that?

MCKAY: Ahh…you made mistakes. I made mistakes. Let's not get caught in the blame game.

SHEPPARD: Ok can you fix this ship or not?

MCKAY: None of my diagnostic equipment is working.

Teyla looks out window, Ford following her gaze.

TEYLA: The sun is still high in the sky

MCKAY: What does that mean?

FORD: We can make it back to the Stargate before dark

TEYLA: If we intend to leave we should start now.

SHEPPARD: Zalinka and I can return and fix it…

MCKAY: No…no…no…major you don't understand…its not just the jumper… none of my equipment is working either.

SHEPPARD: Alright…lets gear up.

SCENE: On planet surface outside Jumper.

They get out scanning area, weapons poised. Ford pulls out a compass.

FORD: Check it out sir. I think my compass has gone wonky.

MCKAY: You brought a magnetic compass to another planet, in another Galaxy…You have absolutely no way of knowing if this planet's magnetic field is…*trails off* wait a second let me see that.

We get a shot of the compass, with the needle spinning continuously.

MCKAY: The disturbance is electromagnetic. That probably explains why all our equipment is out.

SHEPPARD: Which direction is the gate?

MCKAY: You're the one flying shouldn't you know?

SHEPPARD: Alright…we should be able to figure this out.

TEYLA: *Walks forward, nods* I believe it is this way. *starts walking*

SHEPPARD: Let's move out.

And they move out.

SCENE: Woodland on planet

MCKAY: Hey……Can we go that way for a bit?

SHEPPARD: *stops* why?

MCKAY: Its……Lt. ford's compass is acting weird…Might be on to something

FORD: Good thing I brought it along.

MCKAY: How prescient of you…

They go in the direction he wants.

SCENE: Still in wood. Like a tropical rainforest. Bird sounds.

MCKAY: Hello hello…*moves compass around…* Oh yeah…definitely this way. *They walk…*

SCENE: A clearing.

MCKAY: Didn't fly over this on the way in…did we?

SHEPPARD: I don't know I was kinda busy with the whole trying not to get us killed thing.

TEYLA: These ruins are very old…

MCKAY: Several hundred years at least I'd say. Maybe more…

We get a shot of ruins

FORD: So the population here is extinct?

MCKAY: Check this out, *shows Sheppard compass which is going one way then other*

SHEPPARD: Ok…I give up.

MCKAY: Well if the disturbance is manmade as opposed to natural its probably emanating from within these ruins…Somewhere…………*Moves compass* Over there.

SHEPPARD: So if we find it can we shut it off?

MCKAY: It's worth a shot. If we can shut down the field we won't have to walk back to the gate.

SHEPPARD: I was thinking more of saving a perfectly good puddle jumper.

MCKAY: That too.

SHEPPARD: Alright guys…stay here for a second. See if …McKay can…

Someone dives out of the bushes, Sheppard pulls weapon another comes out. Someone jumps from the trees. Their weapons are primitive (Bows and arrows) they look like children. But the team is surrounded

SHEPPARD: They're kids Ford *lowers weapon*

FORD: Yeah with weapons pointed at us.

SHEPPARD: Lower your weapon Lt.…Hey…kids.

TEYLA: We are not here to harm you in any way.

SHEPPARD: That's right…what she said. We're friendly…ok?

TEYLA: We arrived through the Stargate…we were only trying to return home…

FORD: I don't think they understand.

TEYLA: I believe they do.

SHEPPARD: Why are they still pointing arrows at us?

BOY1: You are full growns

SHEPPARD: Excuse me?

BOY1: You need to see the elders.

SHEPPARD: Elders...sound…good…Just lead they way.

Boy1 moves off weapon still raised they follow.

FORD: Full growns? *Sheppard shrugs*

SCENE: The homes are in the trees.

Kids stare. Boy1 stops Sheppard walks forward. A ladder falls, one boy rushes up it. Teyla looks round noticing a skeleton (of a wraith) with battle garments.

TEYLA: Major… *walks over the others following.*

FORD: Now…where'd they get that…?

TEYLA: It looks like a shrine

FORD: You don't think they worship the wraith do you?

SHEPPARD: That'd be a first

MCKAY: It'd be disturbing.

BOY1: Wraith bones.

SHEPPARD: Yeah…we know.

BOY1: Its dart fell out of the sky years ago…we keep it here to remind us how life use to be…

TEYLA: Use to be?

BOY1: *shrugs* before…

MCKAY: Fell out of sky…

SHEPPARD: Yeah…I picked up on that.

FORD: Think what ever knocked us down…knocked it down?

MCKAY: It's possible…but if that's the case we need to find it…

FORD: Why?

MCKAY: Because anything powerful enough to knock out a wraith dart… s'big deal.

SHEPPARD: Yeah…that would be nice to have…

Kid comes whispers to Boy1.

BOY1: The elder are ready.

Sheppard heads to rope holds it motions for ford to go first.

SCENE: In tree top house.

SHEPPARD: Hi nice to meet you

One guy, Keras, steps forward. Few others behind him

KERAS (wearing some sort of knitted cloth…looks young. Older than other kids.): I am Keras… one of the village elders.

SHEPPARD: I'm Sheppard…and this is Rodney and Teyla ---…say you're one of the elders?


SHEPPARD: How old are you?


SHEPPARD: And that makes you an elder?

KERAS: How did you get here Sheppard?

SHEPPARD: We used the Stargate to travel from our world to visit yours.

TEYLA: You do know of the Stargate…

SHEPPARD: It's a big round…thing

KERAS: No one has come through the well for nearly…500 years

SHEPPARD: Yeah well here's the thing…ummm…We're a little lost…

KERAS: And you're all…older…than 24…

SHEPPARD: Ford how old are you?

FORD: 25 sir…

SHEPPARD: Ah…I guess so. (Silence) Is that a problem?

KERAS: *pulls of cloth thing* Please…sit

ARIES: They are trespassers sir we don't have to explain ourselves

KERAS: *raises hand* I apologies *offer the seats, all sit* you're familiar with the wraith…


SHEPPARD: Well we're not friends…or anything like that.

KERAS: The wraith used to farm our planet, as we used to farm livestock and beasts of burden…only we were their herd

FORD: Yeah they seem to do that everywhere.

KERAS: Our ancestors fought them…but our weapons were not strong enough…our people tried to hide from them…but they were always found… none died peacefully…none could enter into the eternal rest

MCKAY: …eternal rest?

KERAS: To die at the hands of the wraith…to breath your last breathe amongst such… hatred and evil. There's no way to move on peacefully into the next world when that is your faith. My ancestors decided that…to beat the wraith we must learn to think as they think…We ensured that we would never provide the wraith with a crop worth picking…


KERAS: None of us passes the age of 24…

MCKAY: How do you manage that?

KERAS: On the eve of our 25th year…We make the sacrifice…both for our people…and for our own safe passage into the eternal rest…

MCKAY: What?

SHEPPARD: You kill each other?

KERAS: No…we take our own lives…and so the wraith have not returned for…500 years.

SCENE: Same place, just a little later.

FORD: Never in my life have I ever felt so…old…

SHEPPARD: This is without a doubt the most screwed up way of life I can imagine…


TEYLA: They seem to accept it…

SHEPPARD: They're kids what the hell do they know?

FORD: Kids that don't want to keep us around

TEYLA: It is their belief our presence may bring back the wraith…

FORD: They can't be right can they? Will the wraith just ignore them? Because they're young? I mean I don't eat veal…but it can't be the same thing can it.

MCKAY: course it's not the same…veal is delicious. The wraith don't come by anymore because when their darts fly close to the villages the electromagnetic field takes them out…much like what happened to our puddle jumper.

TEYLA: Why do they not just land outside the disturbance and take the village by foot?

MCKAY: I'm sorry…perhaps I'm not being clear…Nothing works here. Not their stunners, their darts…even their shields wouldn't function correctly…I mean why would they risk they're advantage when there's a schmorgesborg through some other Stargate…

FORD: Our guns still work right?

MCKAY: Because they're relatively primitive…they don't generate an EM field…

TEYLA: We must tell them

MCKAY: Not before I've had a chance to look at those ruins we don't…

TEYLA: They're sacrificing themselves for no reason…

MCKAY: What are we going to tell them Teyla?...listen…kiddies… everything you believe is wrong and trust us because we've been here for…almost an hour.

Keras and Aries come over.

KERAS: We've talked it over…You can stay until you've fixed your ship…but you must work quickly…your being here makes our people… uncomfortable

SHEPPARD: Fair enough…we'll work as quickly as we can…

MCKAY: There may have been something in the ruins we picked up…that… caused us to lose control of our ship…

ARIES: They should be watched at all times

KERAS: Aries! *raises hand*

SHEPPARD: No… It's fine…totally understandable.

I'll choose…two of the villagers to keep an eye on you…

SCENE: In wood. Ford's on ahead. McKay behind with two kids who like they're 7 or 8

CLEYA: Casta says you're a hundred years old…are you?

MCKAY: Whose casta?


MCKAY: *stops* Where are you getting your information Casta?

CASTA: *Ford stops turns* Why are we going to the old city?

MCKAY: I got to check something…

CASTA: What kind of thing?

MCKAY: It's grown up stuff…

CLEYA: What's a grown up?

MCKAY: Someone who's older than you are…

CASTA: I'm three years older than Cleya you can tell me…

MCKAY: Nice try but you're not a grown up *Ford's grinning*

CLEYA: But you just said…Someone that's older than me is a grown up.

MCKAY: I don't need you to tell me what I just said…ok?

CLEYA: ok…

CASTA: So…*They start walking again * Why are we going to the old city?

MCKAY: Ford…A little help here.

FORD: *laughs* What are you talking about…you're a natural

MCKAY: Let's see how long we can be quiet…who can be quiet the longest…huh?

CLEYA: Well I'm not a quiet person.

MCKAY: That's not quiet that's talking…

CLEYA: Well I'm not a quiet person. I talk a lot.

SCENE: Back in tree top village.

Sheppard chucks a ball to some kids, walks with Keras.

KERAS: *Smiles* Do you have young?

SHEPPARD: Me? No…not yet anyway… you?

KERAS: Oh yes…They're raised in one of our other villages…

SHEPPARD: Other villages?

KERAS: To keep family lines apart…

SHEPPARD: Got it…How many villages are there like this?

KERAS: 12. There are a few larger than this one…but more small in number.

SHEPPARD: And they all make the sacrifice?

KERAS: Yes. We all do…as have the many before.

SHEPPARD: No one ever…

KERAS: What?

SHEPPARD: Well…decides not to go through with it…takes off…runs away.

KERAS: There has been hesitation…

SHEPPARD: I'll bet.

KERAS: We can be…persuasive when the time comes…

SHEPPARD: I know what that means…Look…I got to tell you…I don't understand this at all…Where I come from we value life…more than… well almost anything else. Lt. Ford…he's just a year older than you… You know what he would have missed out on if his life was over a year ago…?

KERAS: We're not all that different…It's just that…I'd rather have 24 years of peace than a life of fear…

SHEPPARD: But…what if there's another way? Naturally when the time comes…

KERAS: The time comes.

SHEPPARD: Well of course it does…that's part of being alive.

KERAS: I mean for me. Tomorrow is the first day of my 25th year.

SHEPPARD: Tomorrow?

KERAS: Yes. *smiles* That's why I lead the council of elders. I am the eldest among the 24s…

SHEPPARD: You mean… …tomorrow you …

KERAS: Tonight.

SHEPPARD: Tonight?

KERAS: Our way was put in place long ago…and it works…it's not for me to question it…Tonight I die.

SCENE: by a river.

PALISE: How many?

ARIES: Four…They claim they're alone but we can't be sure…there may be more…

PALISE: We've given them time to prepare the ship?

ARIES: Against my strong objection…yes.

PALISE: *sighs* so this is Keras…

ARIES: Who should be readying himself for his sacrifice not troubling with the full growns. I will be the eldest by tomorrow…but that may be too late.

PALISE: What do you want to do?

ARIES: They came through the wraith well Palise. If they stay any longer the wraith will some back…and all our sacrifices will be for nothing. This calls for action…they must be forced to leave.

PALISE: I need time to talk to the other villages.

ARIES: We have little of it.

PALISE: You know the laws Aries. It's bad enough we're leaving Aries out of this…A four sacrifice must be agreed upon by all the villages.

ARIES: *to those around them* Leave us!...You talk to who you need to talk…I will give them till the end of this day to leave. If they do not…

Palise stares eyes wide as Aries walks away.

SCENE: City ruins.

McKay walking round with compass, pushes between two kids

MCKAY: Hey hey coming through. Thank you

CLEYA: What's that?

MCKAY: It's a compass.

CLEYA: What's that?

MCKAY: Used for determining direction on earth…I'm using it to…(ford loving this)

CASTA: Where's earth?

MCKAY: Listen Cleya.

CASTA: Casta.

MCKAY: Whatever. You're supposed to be observing. Do you understand what that means observing?

CASTA: Observing…?

MCKAY: It means you're supposed to watch…You're supposed to stay out of my way and watch.


MCKAY: Because.

CLEYA: Because why?

MCKAY: Because I say so.


MCKAY: Because I can't get any work done with you two buzzing around asking stupid questions in your stupid little voices. Now sit down and shut up! *Cleya starts to cry* Oh don't…don't…don't…

CASTA: You're mean! *hits McKay a lot*

MCKAY: Thank you for finally noticing…You wanna go…*starts pushing at Castas hands* You wanna go huh, huh? I'll take yo—

FORD: Okay! *pulls Casta away* okay, okay. Okay…*to McKay* You got a real gift with kids…you do birthday parties?

MCKAY: Look I have a purpose here you deal with them *walks off* excuse me. Thank you.

FORD: *bends down* s'ok…s'ok. He's just upset because you're smarter than him…you guys know what chocolate is?*both shake head* no? This is going to be huge! Okay come over here…we're gonna sit over here and we're gonna leave the mean old man alone.

SCENE: McKay finds something with compass walks over. Pulls off branches to something glowing.

MCKAY: Oh yeah…okay *touches top, opens to reveal a ZPM* Hello hello. *looks over at the others*

FORD: Really Good. Hmmm, more?

SCENE: between Treetop village and McKay and co walking through wood

MCKAY: Major.

SHEPPARD: McKay? Our radios are working.

MCKAY: *shot of McKay and co coming back through wood* which is how I'm able to speak with you yes. Do you have a second?

SHEPPARD: *walks away from keras* Tell me you found the field generator…

MCKAY: I found the field generator.

SHEPPARD: Now obviously the off switch.

MCKAY: Better than that. *Teyla walks over to Sheppard.* The device is powered by a zero point module. It's definitely possible the EM fields been online for centuries. As far as I know only a ZedPM is capable of powering it that long. I've shut it down everything's working now.

SHEPPARD: So you disabled the shield?

MCKAY: Just temporarily…I need to get the ZedPM back to Atlantis see if it's worth taking…

TEYLA: We cannot just take it…It is their only source of protection against the Wraith.

MCKAY: There's no evidence that the wraith have been here in years… besides if this is a fully functioning ZedPM. We could bring them all back to Atlantis…how hard could that be?

SHEPPARD: Hard…but a ZPM could give us the power to make a lot of problems go away.

MCKAY: Exactly I need to get it back to a lab.

SHEPPARD: How do you plan on doing that…?

MCKAY: Well I've had the gene inoculation and…You've already given me a flying lesson…

SHEPPARD: It's going to take more that a shot in the arm and a five minute lesson…

MCKAY: Listen I'm not going to be dog fighting wraith darts. Ford and I can handle it.

SHEPPARD: Alright fine. You can go. But get back to me before tonight…we sort of have a dead line.

MCKAY: Right *walks off*

SCENE: Treetop village.

TEYLA: I think it is dangerous to leave the villagers unprotected

SHEPPARD: McKay's got a point…the wraith haven't been around in a very long time.

TEYLA: This is reckless Major, you must see that.

SHEPPARD: Come on…What are the odds they're going to show up in a few hours it takes McKay to run those tests…

A shot of the shrine, something blinks.

Aries and some other kids including Casta and Cleya walk over. Aries is wearing the knitted cloth.

ARIES: Why were the guides sent back to the village?

SHEPPARD: Were they?

Keras looks up front talking to one of the little girls.

ARIES: Yeah they were.

SHEPPARD: Must have been nap time

ARIES: *Walks up to Sheppard* You think this is a joke Sheppard?

SHEPPARD: I don't find much of what's going on around here to be that funny.

KERAS: What's wrong?

ARIES: Two of the full growns are out unwatched.

KERAS: It's fine Aries.

ARIES: Should be getting ready for tonight Keras. The cleansing ceremony is set to begin and you have to…

KERAS: Fine. I'll go ready myself *both leave*

TEYLA: What were they talking about?

SHEPPARD: He's supposed to sacrifice himself tonight.

TEYLA: Keras?

SHEPPARD: I tried to talk him out of it,

TEYLA: If we tell them about the field that protects their villages.

SHEPPARD: I'm working on it… but we can't do anything till we figure out what to do with the ZPM.


WEIR: This is a very bad call Rodney.


WEIR: You just told me this ZPM it powers their defenses against the wraith…

MCKAY: Yep *looks at weir*

WEIR: You don't see the problem in stealing it?

MCKAY: It wouldn't be stealing so much as…look if it's any good to us…we can bring them here.

WEIR: All right for one…we don't even know how many of them there are…

MCKAY: Well…I hardly doubt there will be more than a few hundred…

WEIR: What? Hey we're barely getting by here ourselves…

MCKAY: This is a big empty city and we have the main land now.

WEIR: Rodney! We can't just visit planets…take away their defenses… uproot their cultures and bring them all back here to Atlantis…

MCKAY: If they have a ZedPM yes we can

WEIR: Oh my God how morally superior you must feel.

MCKAY: Elizabeth…they live in trees, that is going to be a big step up for them. Plus they could stop killing themselves for no good reason.

WEIR: Are they killing themselves for no good reason?

MCKAY: Yes. They are. The EM shield is what's keeping the wraith away not the sacrificing…

WEIR: Ok…you said the sacrifices began at about the same time you think the shield went online.

MCKAY: More or less…

WEIR: So if the people who built the shield are the same people who implemented the suicide pacts…perhaps the two things aren't as disconnected as you think.

MCKAY: Hmm…*moves lips, unsure what to say* Maybe…

SCENE: Treetop village.

SHEPPARD: One more day. That's all I need I'll have a much clearer picture.

KERAS: Clearer picture of what?

SHEPPARD: Long story. Stick around and I'll tell ya.

KERAS: I'll be honest with you Sheppard…there is nothing I would like more than to spend time talking with you. But it's not possible. *Goes to walk off*

SHEPPARD: What if you're wrong? What if a day doesn't matter…what if a year doesn't matter?

KERAS: *turns* and what if it does? I'd never rest peacefully knowing that…I was the reason the Wraith returned to this planet.

SHEPPARD: You could live a full life.

KERAS: You are a warrior among your people. One who's trained to defend and protect them

SHEPPARD: I guess you could say that.

KERAS: Would you not willingly give your life if it were necessary?

SHEPPARD: It'd have to be really necessary.

KERAS: How is the sacrifice so different?

SHEPPARD: So this is just gonna go on forever…

KERAS: *nods* as long as the wraith don't return…yes. Would you stand witness?

SHEPPARD: Me? *Keras nods* well…what do I have to do?

KERAS: Just…be there. As I prepare. We gather the strength of those close to us for the sacrifice to come.

SCENE: up stairs above gate room

Weir walks out of conference room

MCKAY: Dr Weir. *walks up steps* The bad news…is it looks like the device harnesses M7G-677's unique Electromagnetic field. Probably wouldn't work for us…

WEIR: Assuming we were considering stealing from there.

MCKAY: Not much point to that either…ZedPM is almost depleted.

WEIR: So it's worthless?

MCKAY: I wouldn't say that…It's enough to give us…oh…the shield at full power for a few hours which would be handy if the wraith ever attacked. Now it could continue doing what it was doing for quite sometime…but...

WEIR: So it's of more worth to them than it is to us…

MCKAY: Probably.

WEIR: Definitely.

MCKAY: Fine. There's another thing…

WEIR: Aha.

MCKAY: I think I have a theory about the suicide pack.

WEIR: Yeah what is it?

MCKAY: I'm not sure how much power this thing had to start with…but who ever built the EM device, knew it wouldn't be able to power a field large enough to cover the whole planet for very long.

WEIR: So it was built to protect a smaller area.

MCKAY: More or less the areas around the villages…but if the population got much larger than they are now…There's a chance the kids would move out of the field and they become susceptible to a wraith attack.

WEIR: So a suicide pact is…

MCKAY: Population control.

WEIR: Wow that's a little severe

MCKAY: A little. The point is they believe if they die in fear and turmoil they don't get to go to their version of heaven…Now while this at the very least guarantees that they die in peace…well it's a religion and a particular ridiculous one at that.

WEIR: Well that's not a judgment we can make for them…

MCKAY: *short laugh* no?



WEIR: I'd like you and Lt. Ford to return the ZPM and get their device back online.


SCENE: Treetop village.

A large crowd gathers as a girls waves a feather over some form of smoke while walking around Keras who has a white line down his face. Another line goes on his face.

MCKAY: (On radio) Sheppard it's McKay.

TEYLA: This is Teyla… Major Sheppard is unavailable.

MCKAY: What does that mean?

TEYLA: Keras has asked him to take part in the cleansing ceremony…

Shot of where McKay and Ford are walking.

MCKAY: That doesn't sound good…

TEYLA: Are you back?

MCKAY: Ford and I are back at the old city…I'm just going to put the ZedPM back.

TEYLA: Good. I'll let Major Sheppard know.

MCKAY: I've parked the Jumper outside the EM field so we should be able to leave as soon as I finish.

Sheppard notices the blinking like on the dead skeleton at the shrine

SHEPPARD: Teyla!! *dives for it grabbing it, all the people jump shocked.*

TEYLA: Major Sheppard has just found a Wraith bracelet that has already begun transmitting…We need that field up as soon as possible. *Ford and McKay run*

Sheppard pulls off the wraith arms trying to smash it.

ARIES: Stop him!

Sheppard shoots it, the light blinks a few times and goes out. Keras stares. The guys grab Sheppard.

SHEPPARD: Sorry I had to do that… *he's driven to his knees*

TEYLA: McKay we need it on now

SCENE: City ruins

FORD: Move!

MCKAY: I'm coming!

They run, Sheppard opens device it raises and he puts in the ZPM top lights but the ZPM doesn't power.

FORD: Well what are you waiting for?

MCKAY: That should be it.

FORD: That should be what?

MCKAY: Far be it from me to cause a panic…but…

FORD: What did you do? What did you do?

MCKAY: There's the slightest possibility that in my haste I may have broken it…

SCENE: Treetop village.

ARIES: How dare you defile our remembrance!

SHEPPARD: It was necessary…

ARIES: Necessary?! You broke the laws you must be punished.

KERAS: *Grabs Aries shoulder* That's not up to you Aries

ARIES: *pushes him* It isn't up to you anymore. You've had enough time. You must fix your ship and go! How long do they expect us to play chance with our lives? Every second a full grown is in our village is a second we are no longer safe from the wraith *Keras walks over to Sheppard, A cry of yes goes up*

KERAS: I'll take you to the well. You're not safe here.

TEYLA: McKay and Ford are in the ruins.

KERAS: We'll pick them up along the way.

SHEPPARD: Put the ZPM back.

TEYLA: There's been a set back.

SHEPPARD: What'd McKay do?

KERAS: Friends! Please…the full growns have agreed to leave…and never come back. I will take them to the well myself. All this will be over soon. And we can get on with the ceremony.

They leave.

ARIES: *grabs a kid* Make sure they get there.

SCENE: city ruin

SHEPPARD: Please tell me you have this working

MCKAY: I don't know what I did these things are usually plug and play. This device was using an older version of windows.

SHEPPARD: Get to the point

MCKAY: What I'm saying is there is a sequence to installing the ZedPM which I haven't got yet.

KERAS: None of that matters now. Just grab what you can and come with me…Aries will be sending men behind us…

FORD: What made the bracelet start broadcasting?

TEYLA: I don't think it was anything we did

FORD: It's possible it was like an emergency beacon that activated when the dart crashed…the EM fields been keeping it quiet ever since…

SHEPPARD: So it must have begun transmitting as soon as McKay turned off the field

KERAS: Listen to me! We have to move on…Now!!

TEYLA: We cannot do that…

SHEPPARD: Keras…this is hard to explain but we can't go anywhere till we fix this device…

MCKAY: *raises hand* We

KERAS: You just have to abandon your ship…You're risking your lives if you stay.

SHEPPARD: This is not about our ship…It's about the protection of your villages.

KERAS: What?

FORD: Keras…the reason our ship went down…the wraith dart crashed so long ago it's because of this device…

MCKAY: It render all electromagnetic devices inside the shield Inert.

KERAS: I don't understand.

SHEPPARD: What they're saying is the wraith didn't stay away because of your sacrifices…they stayed away because of this shield.

KERAS: That can't be true.

MCKAY: It's not entirely true actually…the shield doesn't protect the whole planet…it doesn't have enough power. I believe the idea of the sacrifices was brought on so your society never left the confines of the shield. *Keras lowers his head* Look the sacrifices play a part in your survival but not for the reasons you believe.

KERAS: It's impossible

SHEPPARD: I can prove it to you but you have to give us time to bring this device on line.

SCENE: Treetop village.

ARIES: *Walking shouting, wearing knitted cloth* Keras is weak. I doubt his oath to the sacrifice. The full growns have clouded his judgment *A kid whispers to him* They've stopped in the city and are not moving on. Gather the bows and the spear! We will rid ourselves of them now. Once and for all!


SCENE: City ruin

MCKAY: *walks out* Coming through…coming through…excuse me…Alright… and again…still in the way. Thank you. *walks back in*

KERAS: This will never work…

SHEPPARD: We don't have much of a choice

The kids run in armed. Aries in front.

ARIES: This is not the well Keras. *McKay freezes*

SHEPPARD: Ah…it's my fault. We just received word from McKay that our ship has been repaired. In fact…he's back their now waiting for us…we were just *McKay covers* saying goodbye to keras.

ARIES: You think I am a fool?

SHEPPARD: No…I just think you're a little cranky…look…if you want to escort us back to the ship…you can watch us leave…

ARIES: Lead the way

They walk off, leaving McKay at the machine. He pokes his head out, then back in.

MCKAY: Alright…*pokes buttons, hears rustling stops grabs 9mil, looks round. Cleya and Casta jump out* Oh you scared me.

CLEYA: You scareded us

MCKAY: sorry.

CASTA: It's ok…we came to see if you'd left any chocolate…

MCKAY: Oh…yes, yes of course. What? Oh you want some *pull out bar* ok you can have this. *they come, he pulls back* but you've got to promise to let me work ok…


MCKAY: Quietly…

CLEYA: Come on *they leave*

MCKAY: Oh right *hits buttons*

SCENE: Near jumper

TEYLA: *Whispers* do you intend to leave McKay behind

SHEPPARD: No we'll circle around till he gets the device back on… we'll show up

A round device zooms through the air.

ARIES: Its too late. We're too late!

The device scans/stuns the jumper. Ford and Sheppard fires at it. It disappears.

FORD: What the hell was that?

TEYLA: It was too small to be a dart

SHEPPARD: It was a probe of some kind.

FORD: Probably came to check out the signal from the wraith bracelet.

SHEPPARD: We got to take it down before it gets back to the gate *they turn but the kids surround them weapons raised* Hey Boys…let us take that probe down or we're all in deep trouble…

ARIES: Even if you were able to destroy it…More will come

TEYLA: That is not true.

ARIES: Why do you think they're here Sheppard. You. The wraith have sensed a crop worth harvesting and they have come to claim it…*Looks at a kid who goes into jumper*

SHEPPARD: Keras tell them we have to take this thing down before it gets back to the Stargate…

ARIES: *Kid comes out shaking head* where is the other full grown?

KERAS: Aries…there is a device which shields us from the machines of the wraith…the sacrifices may have been---

ARIES: They're in the old city. Go. *kid runs off*

KERAS: Aries listen to me!

ARIES: You've let your fear of the sacrifice put our entire people in danger…Keras.

TEYLA: You have been protected by the wraith by a shield…

FORD: We turned it off by accident

SHEPPARD: But the good news is if we get it back up. The wraith will never come again.

ARIES: There is only one thing I have to do to make sure the wraith never come again. Kill you

SCENE: City ruins

MCKAY: Come on *cleya and casta watch as he hits more buttons.*

CLEYA: *Hears something* Somebody's coming…

kids run up weapons aimed at McKay, he holds up 9 mil…

BOY2: What is this? You must come with us now!

MCKAY: Can't do that…listen I have to finish my work here. I've seen how the wraith deal with other planets…they don't care how old you are. I need to get this device turned on and I'm so close to figuring it out. So just give me one more shot. *Neither move* Look both of you Go to your rooms!! You're not buying this are you?

The probe comes the kids go out to see. McKay calls Cleya and Casta in

MCKAY: Hey! Come…*they do, looks up* no.

SCENE: near Jumper

FORD: Sir. I don't like where this is headed.

SHEPPARD: Easy ford…nobody's shooting just yet…

FORD: Yet…

SHEPPARD: And nobody's going to either. Aries you have no idea what you're up against here.

TEYLA: The weapons we carry are more powerful than you have ever seen

SHEPPARD: She's telling the truth they do more than make a lot of noise…they will kill you.

SCENE: City ruins.

McKay goes back to fiddling with device. Two other boys are out firing their arrows at the probe. Ineffective. McKay gets device on. Probe crashes. Two kids run in. device close.

MCKAY: Whoa whoa whoa

BOY2: It works.

MCKAY: Of course it works.

BOY2: I must tell Aries…come with us! *rushes off*

MCKAY: *To Cleya and Casta* Hey you guys okay? Head back into the woods you'll be fine. *sighs leaves.*

ARIES: Your presence has brought the wraith…our ancestors sacrifices… you've undone. All because you refused to leave when you were told to…

SHEPPARD: It's not that simple…

ARIES: It is that simple…*nods at a guard*

KERAS: *steps in front of Sheppard* Aries no.

SHEPPARD: Keras! *keras is shot, he falls*

FORD: Sir?!

SHEPPARD: Hold your fire. *to Aries* look what you've done.

ARIES: He's as guilty as you are.


FORD: *Aims weapon at Aries* ready sir…

SHEPPARD: We will defend ourselves…and believe me. You don't want that

ARIES: Archers ready *sounds of tightening bows*

BOY2: It works! Aries!! It works. The device works!! The device they speak of is real. I've seen it

ARIES: What?

BOY2: McKay fixed it and the wraith bird fell right out of the sky.

ARIES: That doesn't matter

BOY2: Aries! It works *McKay comes running out of breath*

SHEPPARD: You alright McKay?

MCKAY: Just let me catch my breath

SHEPPARD: Get the medical kit from the jumper…*Teyla goes to get it* You'll be ok… *Aries in shock*

SCENE: By Jumper, later

MCKAY: *hands at fire* That ought to boost the cover by…50% with out too much of a power increase…so…should be enough for a…sizeable population growth *knocks away Cleyas hand as she goes for chocolate*

KERAS: Thank you…but you have no idea how long the shield will last?

MCKAY: There's no way of knowing…but there's a good chance you'll be a grandparent before it…before it goes

SHEPPARD: We'll be happy to come by…check in on you every now and then…In fact Ford would be happy to come back and explain how to be a 25 year old.

KERAS: I look forward to it.

SHEPPARD: You have to get use to a few things. Now that everything's changing around here…but we can talk about that next time we visit. Just promise me you'll stick around…

KERAS: I will

TEYLA: Have all the villages agreed to suspend the sacrifice.

KERAS: They will require us to change some laws…but for now…yes.

Cleya stamps on McKay's toe

MCKAY: ah…

FORD: Sir.

SHEPPARD: Oh right…here *passes Keras something*

KERAS: What's this?

FORD: Well where we're from you get presents when you turns a year older…

Keras opens it to find chocolate. Cleya and Casta stare opened mouth.

MCKAY: see…him there…

SHEPPARD: Happy Birthday.

MCKAY: you can *waves two kids off*

All go to jumper as Keras hands out chocolate.

KERAS: There you go…one for you.

The end!