Series 1: Episode 1 - "RISING PART 1"

Transcript by Tara

Writer: Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper

Director: Martin Wood

Joe Flanigan as Major John Sheppard
Torri Higginson as DR. Elizabeth Weir
David Hewlett as DR. Rodney McKay
Rainbow Sun Francks as Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan
Paul McGillion as DR. Carson Beckett

Guest Starring:
Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson Robert Patrick as Colonel Marshall Sumner

Ona Grauer as Ancient.
Garwin Sanford as Weirs Boyfriend Simon

Andee Frizzell

We begin with the opening scene of an Ancient ship, flying above the clouds then comes to a city.


A man and women, both VERY attractive, dressed in silver stand before each other, the city can be seen behind them with a bright flash of light in the sky as the ship comes in. A look passes between them and then he leaves her looking longingly before turning to the window facing city, behind her a chair looks like the one O'Neill was in, in Lost City.

The ship rises in the sky, then a bright flash in the sky and a tidal wave of water heads at great speed towards camera and we see Antarctica research facility.


Sort of elevator going down several feet, loads of people working on things. Dr Weir gets off elevator, someone hands her something, passing a guy (Peter) working on some type of probe.

INTERCOM (could be O'Neill): Operations General O'Neill

PETER: Dr. Weir

WEIR: Peter.

Weir walks over to the chair, where Beckett and McKay are

BECKET: You see. Nothing *gets up*

MCKAY: Carson. Get back here.

BECKETT: (STRONG Scottish accent) I could sit in that chair all bloody day long and nothing would happen. It's a waste of time. Excuse me Dr Weir.

MCKAY: He's not even trying.

WEIR: But He's the one who discovered the gene that this technology responds to.

MCKAY: Yeah, well he said he wished he never had it.

WEIR: really?

MCKAY: I know, can you believe that?

WEIR: We could always test you a third time, Rodney.

MCKAY: That's very funny.

WEIR: We've only found a hand full of people who are genetically compatible with the ancient technology and despite your heroic efforts to interface ours with theirs; we need every one of them to sit in this chair, including Dr Beckett

MCKAY: What am I suppose to do? He's afraid of that thing.

WEIR: This chair controls the most powerful weapons known to Humankind. (Small laugh) I'm afraid of the thing. But every time someone sits in it we learn something new about the ancients who built this outpost. Dr Beckett should be proud he's genetically advanced.

MCKAY: Not more advanced. It. it's a random characteristic.

WEIR: This really bothers you. This whole gene thing, huh?

MCKAY: Oh, Really I am overcome with envy.

JACKSON: *runs out* ah just the people I need to see. *walks away*

Weir and McKay look at each other. Daniel comes back.

JACKSON: come with me.

SCENE: Danny's lab in Antarctica

JACKSON: We've gotten closer and closer to finding the location of the lost city but it turns out we've been looking in the wrong place all along. *gestures to white board* Now we thought we had a Stargate address, six symbols representing co-ordinates in space that determine the location of the planet the ancients went to after they left Antarctica. Now recently we determined a seventh symbol *draws Earth symbol*

WEIR: The point of origin, Earth.

JACKSON: That's not it.

MCKAY: Then you're address must be incorrect.

JACKSON: Not incorrect…incomplete *draws another symbol*

WEIR: What are you saying, Dr Jackson?

JACKSON: It's an eight symbol address. What we're looking for may be further away than we ever imagined, but it's not out of reach.

MCKAY: Atlantis

JACKSON: Atlantis. I think we can go there.


SCENE: Helicopter flying over Antarctica, carrying O'Neill and Major Sheppard

SHEPPARD: Apache, Black hawk, Cobra, Ospry

O'NEILL: That's a lot of training for the Antarctic.

SHEPPARD: It was the one continent I never set foot on

O'NEILL: It's one of my least favorite continents

SHEPPARD: I kinda like it here

O'NEILL: you like it here?

SHEPPARD: Yes sir. Be there in about 10 minutes, Sir.


BECKETT: Look we've been through this I'm not your man.

MCKAY: Keep moving.

BECKETT: I'm a Doctor. A medical Doctor.

MCKAY: There is nothing to be afraid of

BECKETT: You don't understand, I break things like this.

MCKAY: This device has survived for millions of years in tact. It will survive you. Now sit down. Close your eyes and concentrate.

BECKETT: *sighs, sits* Again nothing.

MCKAY: This time just try and imagine an image of where we are in the solar system.

BECKETT: *closes eyes* I think I feel something. It could be Lunch related.

MCKAY: Shut up and concentrate

BECKETT: *closes eyes*

The machine comes on so does the probe thingy Peter is working on, it flies out hitting things exploding, still moving

UNKNOWN: What's happening?

BECKETT: What did I do?

Probe flies up and out past the elevator Weir is on.

WEIR: Get us back down there!

Drone breaks out into airspace.

SCENE: Chopper

ON RADIO: All inbound craft we have a rogue drone that could seek a target on its own. Land immediately and shut down your engines. This is not a drill. I repeat we have…

SHEPPARD: It's too late.

O'NEILL: Hang on!

Drone zips passed them several times Sheppard maneuvering them out.

O'NEILL: Break right. (Sheppard takes a hard left)

O'NEILL: I said right!

SHEPPARD: I'll get to that sir. (Takes a hard right)

SCENE: Ancient outpost

Weir runs up to chair, Beckett still in it.

BECKETT: I told you I was the wrong person.

MCKAY: It doesn't matter now just do something

BECKETT: Like what?

WEIR: Carson. Concentrate on shutting that weapon down before it hurts someone.

*Beckett closes eyes.*

SCENE: Chopper

SHEPPARD: I can't see it.

O'NEILL: Pull up! Pull up!

SCENE: Ancient outpost.

*Beckett concentrating, all others are watching. Worried.*

SCENE: Chopper

O'NEILL: What about now?

SHEPPARD: Now's good

*They land*

O'NEILL: Shut it down!

SHEPPARD: Sir that wasn't a--.

O'NEILL: *holds up hand* Wait for it.

*Drone heads straight for them*

SHEPPARD: Get out!

*Both jump out, Sheppard taking a nose dive into the snow. The drone stops just in from of Jack, who just sat down on the snow next to the chopper.*

SCENE: Ancient outpost

BECKETT: *Gasps, and opens eyes* I think I did it.

SCENE: Chopper

SHEPPARD: *His uniform is white from the snow, Jack's is clean.* That was different.

O'NEILL: For me, not so much.

SCENE: Ancient outpost.

*Ford runs up by Daniel and others.*

FORD: Major Sheppard is reporting the drone appears to have been incapacitated. General O'Neill's helicopter is unharmed and on it's way again. 7 Minutes out.

WEIR: Thank god.

BECKETT: Holy crap

SCENE: View of outpost. Back inside


O'NEILL: Daniel, Warm welcome

JACKSON: Wasn't me. How did you manage to er...?

O'NEILL: Keep my ass from being blown out of the sky? The exceptional flying of Major John Sheppard. He likes it here.

JACKSON: Exceptional? *Looks at Sheppard, amazed* You like it here?

O'NEILL: Let's say we skip to the part where you start talking real fast.

JACKSON : Ah, Weirs in here

O'NEILL: *to Sheppard* Hey don't touch anything.

SHEPPARD: Yes, sir. *looks round*

SCENE: Danny's lab

JACKSON: I've figured the ancients packed up their entire city somewhere between five and ten million years ago.

O'NEILL: In their flying city.

JACKSON: yes.*Jack smirks*.What?

O'NEILL: *Stressing flying* Flying. City.

JACKSON: Well keeping in mind this is the race who built the Stargates. They did everything big.

O'NEILL: So why'd they leave?

JACKSON: Why'd they leave? er...Who knows? We know the Ancients who stayed on Earth were suffering from a plague, er…maybe some of them wanted to start over, seek out new life in a new galaxy. Maybe that's what Ancients do, the point is we know where they went.

O'NEILL: Pegasus

JACKSON: Yes, it’s… it's the name of a dwarf galaxy in the local group.

MCKAY: After all that time is the any hope of actually meeting them?

JACKSON: Who knows, but isn't that reason enough to go?

WEIR: I've been choosing members for this exhibition for months Doctor. I'm not the one who needs convincing *looks at Jack*

O'NEILL: Oh, I'm convinced, have fun.

JACKSON: It's a little more complicated than that...

MCKAY: we need the zed PM to power the Gate

O'NEILL: What?

JACKSON: ZPM. He's Canadian.

O'NEILL: I'm sorry.

MCKAY: The 0 point module General. The ancient power source you recovered from quator kanas and is now powering the outpost's defenses. I've since determined that it generates it's power from vacuum energy derived from a self contained region of subspace time.

O'NEILL: That was a waste of a perfectly good explanation. The answer's no.

SCENE: Out by the chair. Beckett's boasting, Sheppard wandering near by.

BECKETT: The second I shut my eyes, I could see you see, I felt power I've never had before, I had it dancing across the sky... it was magical it really was. They're lucky, I don't know where it came from I just tried to concentrate and the drone shut itself down *chuckles*

SHEPPARD: So you were the one.


SHEPPARD: You were the one who fired that thing at me.

BECKETT: Look we're doing research. Working with technology that's light-years beyond us and we make mistakes. I'm incredibly, incredibly sorry.

SHEPPARD: Well, next time just be a little more careful, ok?

BECKETT: That's what I said.

SHEPPARD: What the heck was that thing anyway?

BECKETT: You mean the drone? *Sheppard nods* The weapon the ancients built to defend this outpost.

SHEPPARD: The who?

BECKETT: You do have security clearance to be here?

SHEPPARD: Yeah, yeah, General O'Neill just gave it to me.

BECKETT: Then you don't even know about the Stargate.

SHEPPARD: The what?

SCENE: Danny's lab

JACKSON: Jack, you know to gate to another Galaxy requires an enormous amount of power.

O'NEILL: Yes I do. Find another way.

JACKSON: There's no other way.

O'NEILL: You think there are more of these Zed things in Atlantis?

JACKSON: Yes and who knows what else we could find. This isn't just some other civilization we're talking about. These are the gate builders.

WEIR: The potential wealth of knowledge and technology. It outweighs anything we've come across since we stepped through the Stargate.

O'NEILL: Well with the amount of power you'll need to make this trek. Odds are it will be one way.

WEIR: Yes we know but the benefit to humanity is far greater than the risk General and it is a risk that every one of my exhibition members are willing to take

SCENE: The Chair

BECKETT: They think the gene was used as a sort of genetic key if you will. So that only their kind could operate certain dangerous and powerful technologies

SHEPPARD: so some people have the same Genes as these ancients *walks round chair*

BECKETT: Specific Gene is very rare, but on the whole they look very much like we do. In fact they were first through the second evolution of this form. The ancients having explored this Galaxy for millions of years before.*Sheppard goes to sit* Major please don't.

SHEPPARD: come on what are the odds of me having the same genes as these guys

*Sheppard sits and the chair immediately comes on, both are shocked*

BECKETT: Quite slim actually. Dr Weir!! Don't move. *rushes off*

SCENE: Beckett, weir, McKay, Jackson and O'Neill come running and are staring at Sheppard.

WEIR: Who is this?

O'NEILL: I said don't touch anything.

SHEPPARD: I.I.I just sat down

MCKAY: Major think about where we are in the solar system.

*A type of map appears above their heads, much like when Jack was doing it. All shocked and little excited.*

SHEPPARD: Did I do that?

SCENE: Shot of research centre, inside Jack headed for elevator.

WEIR: We could be on our way to discovering an entirely new ancient civilization at best case scenario. We meet actual ancients who are willing to help us, but if we don't. *Jack looks at something, still walking* General, we need him.

O'NEILL: Sorry Doc. I need Daniel here.

WEIR: I'm talking about Major Sheppard.

O'NEILL: Oh. Don't you have a dozen or so people already who can use the ancient technology?

WEIR: Yeah. With concentration and training they could make it work, but John Sheppard, he does it naturally.

O'NEILL: You know I checked into his record.

WEIR: I know about the whole supposed Black Market in Afghanistan he was trying to save the lives of three servicemen.

O'NEILL: Disobeying a direct order in the process

WEIR: I have read your own file General, Please.

O'NEILL: Right...okay, it's your exhibition *gets on elevator* you want him, you ask him.

WEIR: That's the thing I have

O'NEILL: Really?

SCENE: Chopper

O'NEILL: This isn't a long trip so I'll be a succinct as possible.


SHEPPARD: well that's pretty succinct

O'NEILL: Thank you.

SHEPPARD: I told Dr Weir…that I'd…well...I'd think about it.

O'NEILL: and? So? Well? What?

SHEPPARD: *The Chopper is heard starting up* all due respect, Sir, we were just attacked by an alien missile. Then I found out I have some mutant gene. Then there's this Stargate thing and these exhibitions to other galaxies

O'NEILL: You know, this isn't about you Sheppard. It's a lot bigger than that.

SHEPPARD: Right now, at this very second, whether I decide to go on this mission or not seems to be about me. *Puts on his helmet, making it impossible for him to hear Jack without Jack talking into the mike on Jack's helmet.*

O'NEILL: Let me ask you something. *Sees he can't hear him, reaches back, gets his helmet, puts it on, Puts mike to his mouth, his voice is heard thru the mike, sounding like on a radio* Why did you become a pilot?

SHEPPARD: I think people who don't want to fly are crazy

O'NEILL: and I think people who don't want to go through the Stargate are equally as whacked. Now if you can't give me a yes by the time we reach McMurdo, I don't even want you

*And they take off.*

SCENE: Simon's home, looking at a TV, weir appears on the screen

WEIR: Simon, if you're watching this, it means the president has been kind enough to grant you security clearance. I'm not going on a diplomatic mission to another country. I'm going to another planet in another galaxy by means of a device called the Stargate. Millions of years ago there was a race of beings

*we see Ford being waved off by his parents.*

who we call the ancients. They created a network of these Stargates through out our galaxy in order to travel freely among their worlds

*we see Beckett with his mum*.

We don't know why but they left for another galaxy somewhere between five and ten millions of years ago

*McKay saying bye to his cat, giving to some women*

taking their entire city along with them. That city was called Atlantis. I have been assembling

*we see Sheppard flipping a coin out in some park*

an exhibition team in order to try and find Atlantis and hopefully the ancients who left Earth all those years ago.

*back to the TV with weir*

I want to do this Simon with all my heart, you know me well enough to know I could never turn down an opportunity like this but I wanted the chance to tell you th-

*Simon stops tape, walks over picks up phone dials number.*

OPERATOR: The cellular customer you are trying to reach is currently outside the coverage area.

SIMON: *turns off phone* Ok.


*Loads of people in a new type of uniform. This is the Exhibition members. A lot of talking slaps on backs, moving equipment. This scene's just to show the great number of people all from different countries.*

MCKAY: I mean I narrowed it down to about 3 things, but after a week, I ...

FORD: I don't under ... Does anyone else here speak the language these guy's are speaking?

BECKETT: I just need a couple of minutes to finish my work, and you're not helping by standing there.

SUMNER: You got five minutes to get it going or I'm leaving it.

SUMNER: *walking down ramp* everything in here has been double checked and triple checked and cleared for take off. Leave it alone

BECKETT: Look Colonel, I don't answer to you.

MARINE: He said the same to me, sir.

SUMNER: That's what your sidearm's for.

SCENE: Control room

JACKSON: --.Each chevron represents a Point of Space outside our Galaxy so we won't know till we lock it.

O'NEILL: We there yet?

WEIR: Just waiting on Dr McKay.

SCENE: Base power control room

SILER: Should work now.

MCKAY: Ok Sergeant give it a try. Zed PM should light up when it senses the conductive connection to the Gate *puts XPM in, points at siler*

*Siler throws switch ZPM lights up.*

MCKAY: Oh yeah.

SCENE: Some corridor, towards gateroom

SHEPPARD: *walks into Gateroom, nods at Sumner* Colonel.

WEIR: *walks into Gateroom* Could I have everyone's attention please! *walks up ramp*

SCENE: Control room.

Daniel stands up next to Jack looking into Gateroom

WEIR: Alright here we go.

SCENE: Gateroom

WEIR: .We are about to try and make a connection. We have been unable to predict exactly how much power this is going to take and we may only get the one chance at this. So if we are able to achieve a stable wormhole, we're not gonna risk shutting the gate down. We'll send in the malp robot probe, check for viability and go. Everything in one shot.

*get a shot of control room and then back*

Every one of you volunteered for this mission and you represent over a dozen countries. You are the world's best and brightest and in light of the adventure we are about to embark on. You are also the bravest. I hope we all return one day having discovered a whole new realm for humanity to explore but as all of you know. We may never be able to return home. I'd like to offer you all one last chance to withdraw your participation.

*Camera glances round, Weir smiles looks up at gateroom.*

WEIR: Begin the dialing sequence. *walks off ramp*

*Gate starts dialing*

SUMNER: *steps next to Sheppard* Let me make myself clear Major. You are not here by my choice.

CHEVRON GUY: Chevron one encoded

SHEPPARD: Sure you'll warm up to me once you get to know me sir.

SUMNER: As long as you remember who's giving the orders.

CHEVRON GUY: Chevron two encoded

SHEPPARD: That would be DR. Weir right? *Big Grin*

CHEVRON GUY: Chevron three encoded

SCENE: Control room, Weir walks up

CHEVERON GUY: Chevron four encoded

O'NEILL: Nice.

WEIR: Thank you.

CHEVERON GUY: Chevron five encoded.

Shot of Gateroom, back to control room, McKay walks in,

CHEVERON GUY: Chevron six encoded.

WEIR: This is it *looks at McKay* Guess I got to calm down. How embarrassing.

CHEVERON GUY: Chevron seven encoded.

McKay: I've never been so excited in my entire life.

CHEVERON GUY: Chevron eight is locked

Gate opens with big puddle everyone in Gateroom claps and cheers.

WEIR: Send the Malp.

Malp moves up ramp in through Gate,

SCENE: Control room

CHEVERON GUY: We have Malp telemetry

WEIR: What is it we're looking at?

CHEVERON GUY: switching to zero lux.

MCKAY: Radar indicates a large room.

JACKSON: It's structurally intact

MCKAY: Sensors state there's Oxygen, no measurable toxins. We have viable Life-support *gets up* Looks like we're not getting out of this.

O'NEILL: Dr Weir. You have a go.

WEIR: *nods* Thank you. Sir.

SCENE: Gateroom

SUMNER: Let's go people we don't know how much time we've got. Security teams one and two *starts moving up ramp.* you're up first. All other personnel will follow on our signal, once on the other side keep moving. Clear the Disembarkation area. On my lead.

WEIR: Hold on Colonel *walking in grabs back pack, walks up ramp* we go through together.

SUMNER: Fair enough *raise weapons step though with team.*

Weir stops looks back. In control room Jack nods, Weir steps through.

SCENE: Control room

JACKSON: Jack It's not too late for me to.


JACKSON: I.I.I could just grab my notes.


JACKSON: (Softly) Kit ...

SCENE: Gateroom

Ford and Sheppard walk up ramp. Ford faces his back to the wormhole. Both wait.

SCENE: Control room.

SUMNER: (On radio) all clear. Looks good.

O'NEILL: Exhibition team. Move out.

SCENE: Gateroom

SHEPPARD: What's it feel like?

FORD: Hurts like hell sir. *after a minute grins and dives through backward* Woohoo!!

Sheppard looks at puddle, closes eyes and steps through.

WORMHOLE: New style, it’s green

SCENE: Atlantis

SUMNER: Teams one and two secure the immediate area.

We get a shot of the gate which is really kewl. The chevrons glow green.

Back at Earth Gateroom, everyone walks through with equipment.

SCENE: Atlantis

*Teams searching the building, as they move the lights in the rooms activate. *

SUMNER: Everyone else find an open space and park it until instructed otherwise.

*Lights on the steps come on as Sheppard and McKay walk up.*

WEIR: Who's doing that?

SUMNER: Security teams any alien contact?

MARINE1: Negative sir.

MARINE2: Team four. Negative Colonel.

*Sheppard enters room lights come on.*

SHEPPARD: The lights are coming on by themselves.

Still shows people coming through. Sheppard and McKay go upstairs (later known as control room) looking down.

SUMNER: That's everyone.

WEIR: (on radio) General O'Neill. Atlantis base, offers greetings from the Pegasus Galaxy. You may cut power to the gate.

A small item rolls out of the Gate, it's a champagne bottle. Gate shuts down. Weir picks up bottle.

NOTE: Bon Voyage. General Jack O'Neill.

Weir smiles up at Sheppard and McKay.

SCENE: A room in Atlantis (could become a sort of briefing room?)

Doors open, security team enters.

SCENE: Another room.

Security team.

SCENE: Room with Ships.

Exhibition member1: They look like ships. Space ships.

Exhibition member2: I Love it.

Exhibition member1: (radio) Dr Weir you have to see this.

SCENE: Weirs office (I think:P)

WEIR: I have a lot of things to see. Just be careful. *walks to control room*

Sheppard walks over to something which comes on.

SHEPPARD: I didn't touch anything.

WEIR: Relax Major, it's like the entire complex is sensing our presence and coming to life.

MCKAY: This has got to be the control room. This is obviously their version of a DHD.

SHEPPARD: Oh Obviously.

MCKAY: This area could be power control systems, possibly a computer interface ...

WEIR: Hey, hey why don't you find out?

MCKAY: Right

SUMNER: (radio) Dr Weir. Colonel Sumner can you come down and meet me please. We're three levels down from you

WEIR: Right away.

SUMNER: Only been able to secure a fraction of this place. It's huge

WEIR: So it might really be the city of Atlantis?

SUMNER: I'd say that's a good bet.

WEIR: Oh my god.

Weir, Sheppard and Sumner walk up to a window all you can see is water.

WEIR: We're under water

SUMNER: I'd say we're under several hundred feet of ocean. Can't dial out. This could be a problem

MCKAY: *rushes over* Colonel. Dr Weir.

SHEPPARD: We're under water.

MCKAY: Yes I was just coming to tell you. Fortunately there is some kind of a force field holding back the wa--.water. Boy, that is impressive isn't it?

All looking out then.

MCKAY: Dr. Beckett found something you should see.


They enter a room with a Hologram in the centre, Beckett’s standing on something.

ANCIENT HOLOGRAM: .-In the hope of spreading new life in a galaxy where their appeared to be none. Soon the new life grew, prospered. Here - (Hologram continues speaking.)

BECKETT: It's a Hologram. The recording loops. This is my second time through

SUMNER: What have we missed?

BECKETT: Not much.

ANCIENT HOLOGRAM: Exchange knowledge and friendship. *above her head a sort of map appears* In time a thousand worlds bore the fruit of life in this form. Then one day our people stepped foot on a dark world where a terrible enemy slept. Never before had we encountered beings with powers that rivaled our own. In our over confidence, we weren't prepared and outnumbered. The enemy fed upon defenseless human worlds like a great Schrage until finally only Atlantis remained. This city's great shield was powerful enough to withstand their terrible weapons but here we were besieged for many years in an offer to save the last of our kind we submerged our great city into the ocean. The Atlantis Stargate was the one and only link back to Earth from this Galaxy, and those who remained used it to return to that world that was once home. There the last survivors of Atlantis lived out the remainder of their lives. This city was left to slumber, in the hope that our kind would one day return.

Beckett steps down. Hologram goes off.

MCKAY: So the story of Atlantis is true, a great city that sank in the ocean.

BECKETT: It just didn't happen on Earth

MCKAY: Well the ancient Greeks must've heard it from one of the surviving ancients

Peter runs in over to McKay, whispers in his ear.

SUMNER: I don't like to think they got their asses kicked.

Beckett gets back up.

BECKETT: Lets’ hear it again from the beginning

MCKAY: Stop! Turn it off.

Beckett steps down

MCKAY: Power levels through out the city are dropping like stones.

SUMNER: What does that mean?

MCKAY: That if we don't stop everything we're doing right now, we're dead. *walks out*

SCENE: Control room.

BECKETT: Please tell me this is not my fault


BECKETT: Thank you.

MCKAY: From what we've been able to ascertain the city is powered by three 0 point modules, two are entirely depleted and the third is reaching maximum entropy when it does, it will die too and nothing can reverse that.

SUMNER: Just tell me the bottom line

MCKAY: The force field that's holding back the ocean has collapsed to its minimum sustainable levels. Look you see *tap in on a computer, points* here, and here where the shield's already failed and the city's flooded. It could have happened years ago. This section's likely more protected because of the Stargate.

SHEPPARD: What if it fails completely?

MCKAY: It's a matter of when not if.

WEIR: Colonel Sumner you need to order your security teams to stop searching the city immediately.

SUMNER: (on radio) All security teams fall back to the Gateroom

MCKAY: It's not going to be good enough

WEIR: Alright, so how much time do we have?

MCKAY: It's hard to say. Hours, maybe days if we minimize power expenditure.

BECKETT: What about our own power Generators?

MCKAY: We're working on that, but even with our most advanced Naquada Power Generators, the equations are coming up far short.

WEIR: So we need to find more ZPM's

SUMNER: Now how do we do that if we can't search the city?

MCKAY: If there were more here, we'd be able to detect them.

SUMNER: Can we use the Stargate.

MCKAY: There's nowhere near enough power to open a wormhole back to earth.

SHEPPARD: Maybe somewhere in this Galaxy.

MCKAY: That's relatively easy. Fortunately some ancient technology still uses good old fashioned push-buttons, so we've been able to access the Stargate control system and a library of known Gate addresses in the database

GUY WHO TOLD MCKAY ABOUT POWER : That's not all, look at this

*pushes button, a sort of shield appears across the Stargate like an iris.*

SUMNER: Just like the iris on the Earth gate.

MCKAY: Using power, using power, using power!

Peter turns it off.

WEIR: At least we don't have to deal with any uninvited guests. Colonel. Assemble a team we need safe harbor, or better still another power source.

SUMNER: (radio) Ltd Ford gather security teams 1 and 2 everyone gear up.

WEIR: Major I want you to go along.

SHEPPARD: Yes ma'am *heads off*

WEIR: Alright pick an address. Start Dialing

MCKAY: *Pushes button* Chevron one encoded

WEIR: *Looks at McKay* Rodney.

MCKAY: Oh. *just pushes 5 buttons*

PETER: Ready Malp four for Off-world recon

McKay pushes last button.

Next shot is of the security team standing in front of Gate

PETER: Malp reads full viability and no immediate signs of activity around the Stargate. But its pitch black. For now, we're going to use the tried and true system for identification for inbound gate travelers.

SUMNER: *looks at Sheppard, up at weir, she nods* let's Move out!

All go through gate with Night vision goggles. Sheppard waves.

SCENE: Offworld. We see it from the perspective of a team member then Camera shot. Marines scan area. Sheppard see movement, calls a halt, signals. Kid jumps out in front of Ford. Raises weapon. Kid in mask growls, and attacks other one both fall.

KID1: Please don't hurt us.

A man, HALLING:, appears through the trees.

HALLING:: Please they're just playing, *raises hand*

SUMNER: Everything ok here Sheppard?

SHEPPARD: Yes sir. Just a couple of kids

HOLLING: (Stands up, looks at Sumner. He's much bigger and taller than Sumner. Sumner looks up at him, and raises his gun) Holling.

SHEPPARD: I don't know what that means

SUMNER: It's his name.

SHEPPARD: Oh. Holling, it's nice to meet you

HALLING:: Are you here to trade?

SHEPPARD: Trade. Yes we're t-traders

HALLING: *turns to his son* How many times have I told you not to play in the forest after dark? I'm just glad you're safe. *put foreheads together*

HALLING: *gets up.*

HALLING: Teyla will wish to meet with you. Come.

SUMNER: Parker, Smitty ... you're on gate duty. Dial Atlantis base and let the good doctor know we've made contact with the indigenous people.

SCENE: Walking through woods

FORD: Sir if you don't mind my asking. I noticed you got a problem with Major Sheppard.

SUMNER: My problem Lt is with his record. I don't like anybody who doesn't follow the proper chain of command. *both look back at Sheppard*

FORD: yes, sir.

KID1: What's that mask you got on?

SHEPPARD: Helps you see in the dark. *hands it to him* Check it out

KID1: Whoa.

KID2: Let me see…Whoa can I have it?

SHEPPARD: No.*takes it* what's the mask you got on.

KID2: This? Wraith.

SHEPPARD: Wraith? What's that?

KID1: You don't know?

KID2: What world did you come from?

KID1: Can we go there?

SHEPPARD: Afraid not. I’m from a galaxy far, far away.

SCENE: In tent of inhabitants

HALLING: It's Halling ... I bring men from away.

TEYLA: Enter

Ford, Sheppard and Sumner come in

HALLING: These men wish to trade.

SHEPPARD: Ah. (Takes off his goggles, and smiles) it's nice to meet ya.

TEYLA: I am Teyla Emmagan Daughter of Tughan

SUMNER: Colonel Marshall Sumner, Major Sheppard, Ltd Ford. I have very few specific needs.

TEYLA: We do not trade with strangers.

SUMNER: Is that a fact.

SHEPPARD: well then we'll just… we'll have to get to know each other. Me, I like Ferris wheels, college football, anything that goes more than 200 miles per hour.

FORD: (whisper) Sir, that’s not going to mean anything to them.

SHEPPARD: (whisper) feel free to speak up. I’m just trying to break the ice

SUMNER: (whisper) if these people can't help us I'd rather not waste my time

TEYLA: Each morning before dawn our people drink a stout tea to brace us for the coming day. Will you join us?

SHEPPARD: *steps forward* I love a good cup of tea. Now there's another thing you know about me. We're practically friends already. (She smiles at him)

SCENE: Outside tents, its light

Sumner walks over to one of his marines who's looking through binoculars at something. Sumner takes them and looks we see an old ruin.

MARINE1: We didn't even know it was there until the sun came up.

SUMNER: It's more promising than anything else these folks have got to offer, some shelter, a nice little valley, Location, location, location. *Walks off*

MAN: The City of the ancestors is not safe

SUMNER: We can handle ourselves.

MAN: The wraith will come.

SUMNER: Who are these Wraith?

TEYLA: We have never met anyone who did not know.

SUMNER: You have now

TEYLA: If the wraith have never touched your world you should go back there.

SHEPPARD: Oh we'd like to but we can't, see here's the thing ma'am, we've got ourselves into a bit of a bind and we may need a safe place to stay for a while.

TEYLA: Our people have long believed that wraith will come if we venture into the old city, but it is a belief we have not tested in some time.

SUMNER: Gentlemen ... *leaves, with boys*

SCENE: Outside

SUMNER: Look I don't care what they say that city's worth a look, not to mention the possibility there could be ZPMs there that they don't know or care about

SHEPPARD: What if the Wraith are the enemy the Ancient Hologram lady was talking about?

SUMNER: All the more reason for us to have a defensible position, should we have to abandon Atlantis. Stay here and find out what you can. Ford you head back to the Gate, report into Weir, tell her we'll have answers for her in a few hours.

FORD: Yes sir.

Sumner heads off, Sheppard goes back to Teyla

SCENE: Inside tent

SHEPPARD: Well, guess it's just you and me… and him.

TEYLA: Your leader looks through me as if I were not there.


TEYLA: No. You truly cannot return to your world.


TEYLA: Then there is something you must see. *Walks out.*

SCENE: In forest

Teyla climbs down something, Sheppard behind,

SHEPPARD: How much further is this place?

TEYLA: Not far.

Sheppard falls down, gets up acts real cool.

SCENE: Atlantis, Weirs office.

WEIR: Tell me some good news Rodney.

MCKAY: I can't do that

WEIR: The shield has held back the ocean for centuries.

MCKAY: And probably would have kept going for years more, but our arrival changed that. Now it's nothing more than a thin shell between the buildings and the water.

WEIR: We stopped exploring.

MCKAY: The damage was already down, another section of the city on the far side was flooded an hour or so ago.

PETER: Even occupying this room is draining power.

MCKAY: We need to evacuate, the moment Colonel Sumner reports back it's safe.

WEIR: You're saying we have to abandon the city

Rumbling is heard

MCKAY: the sooner we leave the longer that shield holds

SCENE: Some sort of cave

TEYLA: I use to play here as a child, I believe this is where the survivors hid from the wraith during the last great attack. *grabs stick*

SHEPPARD: *pulls out lighter* Let me.

TEYLA: *Light it with her own* we mastered fire long ago

SHEPPARD: Guess so.

They walk; there are images on the wall. Sheppard notices something on the ground, picks it up it's a necklace.

SHEPPARD: What's this?

TEYLA: I lost this years ago, how did you…?

SHEPPARD: It was just lying over there *Opens clasp* It was reflecting of the light. *puts it round her neck, there's a moment.* someone's been busy *looking at pictures.*

TEYLA: The drawings in the Caves are extensive; many must date back thousands of years or more.

SHEPPARD: Does this represent the destruction of your city?

TEYLA: This drawing far predates that.

SHEPPARD: So, what, someone knew it was going to happen?

TEYLA: I believe it happens again and again. The wraith allow our kind to grow in numbers and when that number reaches a certain point they return to cull their human heard. Sometimes a few hundred years will pass before they awaken again. We've visited many, many worlds. I know of none untouched by the wraith. The last great Holocaust was five Generations ago, still they return in smaller numbers to remind us of their power.

SHEPPARD: It's a hell of a way to live

TEYLA: We move our hunting camps around, we try to teach our children not to live in fear but it is hard, some of us can sense the wraith coming that gives us warning. We should go it will be dark soon.

SCENE: Near Gate

FORD: Man days are short here

SUMNER: (On radio) Major Sheppard this is Colonel Sumner, come in

FORD: Colonel this is Ltd Ford, Major Sheppard's out of radio range at the moment.

Shot of Sumner walking by tents

SUMNER: Where the hell is he?

FORD: (on radio) I think Teyla wanted him to see something.

Shot of gate. Incoming wormhole

FORD: Defensive positions. (On radio) colonel we have Gate activity here

A ship, making a loud ringing sound shoots through gate. Another one follows and another

FORD: Colonel. Three bandits headed your way.

SCENE: Camps.

SUMNER: Take cover!

People are shot down. Ships fly by, people are screaming

SCENE: Forest. Sheppard and Teyla on way back she hears the ship

SHEPPARD: What is it?

TEYLA: The Wraith *they run*

*Part 2 coming soon*